4-wheel rollators with large wheels for a smooth ride


4-wheel rollators for comfort and stability


Driving ability and wheel quality are crucial for every rollator user, as they impact the overall mobility and independence.

Rollator walkers with four wheels provide more stability, balance, and control, meaning easier navigation and less risk of falls. 

All together – more confidence and more freedom!


Don’t let bad wheels ruin your rollator experience!


For the best and most comfortable walking experience – high quality wheels is essential. 

byACRE’s rollator walkers are built to keep you rolling smoothly on any terrain and provide an enjoyable ride, that aims to reduces fatigue and promotes better overall health.

Stay active and independent with our rollators – we’ve got your back (and your wheels)!

“Lighter than air! The byACRE feels like it’s a part of my body. The wheels are quiet and smooth and the brakes are easily accessible and responsive.  No more aching back, it allows you to stand straight.  Extremely versatile – use on sidewalks, trails, trips to the doctor, or the grocery store”

– Verna, USA


Enjoy a comfortable ride with Carbon Ultralight


byACRE’s Carbon Ultralight rollator walker is not only the world’s lightest rollator, it’s also the ultimate solution for those who prioritize comfort when walking on different terrains.

The ergonomic handles provide a comfortable grip, and the soft, shock-absorbing wheels ensure a smooth and comfortable ride on sidewalks, roads, dirt tracks, cobblestone, grass, or snow!


The wheels of the Carbon Ultralight


The Carbon Ultralight is equipped with soft rubber wheels that provides a tight turning radius – perfectly suited for maneuvering in the city.

The thick, 3.6 cm wide layer of soft rubber on the wheels absorbs a lot of the shocks from the terrain, adding an extra level of comfort while walking.

Thanks to the dynamic, arrow-shaped design of the frame, which diverts shocks from the terrain, you can walk with confidence without feeling any discomfort or fatigue in your hands.


Carbon Overland’s big wheels lets you roll with ease on all terrains


With byACRE’s Carbon Overland – the world’s toughest all-terrain rollator walker, you have the freedom the explore and be adventurous, without limits.

The wheels are key to its off-road abilities, making it ideal for mud, sand, wooden trails, and water.

It can even tackle hills and mountains!


Pneumatic tires with off-road abilities


The ultra-durable and pneumatic tires of the Carbon Overland provide maximum suspension, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride no matter the terrain.

The wide and big wheels are designed to tackle even the toughest terrains, preventing it from getting stuck and allowing for greater mobility and flexibility for you.


Experience an enjoyable ride with Nordic Pioneer


The Nordic Pioneer rollator walker is the perfect combination of function and style.

Made from recycled materials, this stunning rollator weighs only 5.9 kg and is equipped with large wheels and a shock-absorbing frame made of EPP.

The bump-proof design ensures that it can handle any encounter, while the playful and broad range of color options allow you to express your personality.


The big wheels of the Nordic Pioneer


The Nordic Pioneer rollator walker is equipped with large, soft PUR tires that provide a smooth ride on any surface.

Whether you’re walking on the sidewalk or driving over a bumpy cobblestone street, the Nordic Pioneer offers stability and comfort.

Its tires are also designed to be durable, providing long-lasting performance that you can count on.

With the Nordic Pioneer, you can maintain your independence and enjoy the freedom to move around with ease.


Smooth indoor maneuverability with the Scandinavian Butler


Crafted with sleek lines and Scandinavian design, the Scandinavian Butler indoor walker is a stylish companion that blends in with the furniture in your home.

But it’s not just about looks – the Scandinavian Butler indoor rollator is also a safe and reliable companion.

Thanks to the Scandinavian Butler’s ability to handle doorsteps and carpets, you won’t have to remove them when using an indoor rollator.

Smooth ride over any surface at home

Its four double-sided independently turning wheels are coated in soft rubber to prevent floor damage and ensure a noiseless walking experience.

With its easy maneuverability, you can move confidently and comfortably throughout your home.

Plus, the Scandinavian Butler’s sturdy construction also makes it suitable for terrace tiles, meaning you can take it outside with ease to enjoy your favorite spot in the backyard or on the terrace.

What are the different wheels?

Choosing the right material and size for your rollator’s wheels can make a significant difference in your mobility and safety.

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Pneumatic wheels

Pneumatic wheels, like those used on the Carbon Overland, are ideal for off-road adventures and rough terrain, as they can absorb most shocks and provide excellent traction.

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PUR wheels

PUR wheels as used on the Carbon Ultralight and Nordic Pioneer are perfect for everyday use, offering a smooth ride on most surfaces and being very durable. However, the structure of the two rollator’s wheels are a bit different with the Nordic Pioneer’s wheels being bigger and softer. 

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Soft TPE Wheels

For our indoor rollator the Scandinavian Butler a TPE material is used. These wheels provide a smooth and quiet ride on indoor surfaces, reducing the risk of slipping and increasing stability.


Why do all byACRE’s rollators have larger wheels?


Compared to other brands all of byACRE’s rollators have relatively big wheels as that provides better stability and balance, making it easier to navigate over uneven terrain or bumps in the road.

This means you can explore the world with confidence and focus on enjoying your surroundings, rest assured with a rollator that keeps you safe. 

Big wheels vs small wheels

Small-wheel rollators

  • Unstable on rough terrain
  • Physically demanding to push
  • Limited traction, difficult to control
  • Challenging to navigate obstacles
  • Restricts mobility and confidence

Big-wheel rollators

  • Better stability and balance on uneven terrain
  • Reduced effort and strain when pushing
  • Improved traction and grip for greater control
  • Enhanced maneuverability and ease of navigation
  • Increased mobility and confidence for the user
Pneumatic wheels vs PUR wheels

PUR wheels

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Provide smooth ride on most surfaces
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Absorb shock well
  • No risk for puncture

Pneumatic wheels

  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Can roll over rough terrain with ease
  • Great for outdoor use
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Provide a smooth ride
4-wheel rollator vs 3-wheel rollator

3-wheel rollators

  • Less stable due to having only 3 points of contact with the ground.
  • Smaller storage and weight capacity.
  • Harder to maneuver on uneven or rough terrain.
  • Not as suitable if you require maximum support and balance assistance.
  • Higher risk of tipping over when making sharp turns or sudden movements.

4-wheel rollators

  • More stable with 4 points of contact.
  • Larger storage and higher weight capacity.
  • Easier to maneuver on uneven terrain.
  • Provides maximum support and balance assistance.
  • Safer to use with lower risk of tip-overs when walking and sitting.

Why we don’t use plastic wheels


At byACRE, we have made a conscious decision to avoid using plastic wheels for our rollator walkers. While plastic wheels are commonly used for most rollators, they have several disadvantages.

Plastic wheels are often less durable than other materials and can crack or break over time. They are also often noisy and provide a rough ride, making them uncomfortable for the user.

Additionally, plastic wheels may not have good traction and can be prone to slipping on slick surfaces. Therefore, we have chosen to prioritize the quality and comfort of our rollators by using PUR, and pneumatic wheels. 


Driving a rollator requires more than just pushing it forward


Great driving abilities are important for conserving energy, maintaining control, and achieving balance.

When the rollator walker is easy to handle, you can forget that it’s even there, allowing you to move confidently and comfortably without the risk of bumping into awkward surroundings.


But it’s not just about practicality – a great rollator with excellent driving abilities also empowers you to explore the world.

With a reliable and comfortable companion by your side, you’ll feel more confident and independent, free to venture out and discover new places and experiences.

“The byACRE walker is designed so that the back wheels are positioned behind your feet throughout your entire stride. It’s physically impossible to stub your toes against the byACRE walker wheels.”

– Chris Alexander, Canada

What is the difference between 3 and 4 wheeled rollators?

Differences between 3 and 4 wheeled rollators lie in their stability and maneuverability. 4 wheeled rollators provide more stability, balance and control making it easier to navigate uneven terrain and turn corners.

Will the Carbon Overland’s air wheels be in danger of a puncture?

The high-quality tires and tubes of the Carbon Overland are designed to make punctures a rare event, so you can confidently go on your adventures without worrying about tire issues.

Why is it important to have great wheels on your rollator?

It’s important to have great wheels on your rollator because they determine the terrain your rollator can handle and how comfortable it will be. Low-quality wheels can cause discomfort and pain, while high-quality wheels designed for smooth rolling provide a more enjoyable ride, reducing fatigue and promoting better overall health.

What is the importance of good driving ability for a rollator?

Good driving ability in a rollator is crucial as it enables easier navigation and control, promoting balance and preventing falls. It also conserves energy and reduces fatigue, allowing for greater independence and confidence in daily activities.

What are PUR wheels?

PUR wheels are made of a solid polyurethane material. These wheels are highly durable and can withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for rollators that are used frequently or on rough surfaces. They also offer a smooth ride and are easy to maintain, as they do not require inflation like pneumatic tires.

What are pneumatic wheels?

Pneumatic wheels are wheels that have an inner tube filled with air, similar to the tires on a bicycle or car. The air-filled tube provides cushioning and absorbs shock, resulting in a smoother ride. Pneumatic wheels are perfect for outdoor rollators, as they are able to handle rough terrain such as gravel, grass, and uneven surfaces. They are also known for their excellent traction and ability to maintain stability on bumpy surfaces. However, they do require a bit more maintenance than PUR wheels, as they need to be kept inflated to the proper pressure.