User Story: Susan and Rowlie the rollator on adventure in Malaysia

In the beginning of March we sent a Strawberry Red Carbon Ultralight rollator to Susan in the UK. Little did we know about the adventures that lay ahead for this rollator. A few days ago Susan wrote us to tell about her first trip with Rowlie the rollator and her husband John on a cruise around Malaysia. A story so uplifting and nice that we asked for permission to share it here in our journal.

We booked a taxi to the airport and had to pay extra because I had a walking aid. The taxi driver was amazed and said that we should have said what it was, Such a light weight piece of equipment, so easily collapsible. He gave it a thumbs up.

We booked for hold luggage. ‘How heavy?’ asked the check in lady. John held it up with a finger. She was amazed. Never seen one like that before. She smiled and wished us a good holiday.

Our hold luggage had been delivered to our cabin and Rowlie was tucked in very neatly next to our case. Yes! We only had one case for 2 people, including me with my outsize knickers to last for 16 days.

Rowlie made it possible for me to do so many things, in particular the gardens in Singapore and the market in Ho Chi Minh. I hope that we can find the photo of a bloke who lives in Singapore who wants one for his Mum!

It was something else with Rowlie. I was no longer ashamed of limping a bit. I wore a hat and a red scarf and took a red bag. I was proud to be with him. Showing that I was a positive person who wasn’t going to get into old people shopping trolley mode.”