Grand Prize Winners

byACRE wins the European Grand Prize for the most innovative and passionate company in Europe 2021. The prize was established by FedEx, and the winner receives EUR 50,000. byACRE was named the most innovative and passionate company in Europe among more than 2,100 candidates – the highest number of nominations to date.

This was FedEx’s motivation for awarding byACRE the first place prize:
“Their clear growth strategy and groundbreaking product was recognized by the jury as being worthy of first place, an achievement they hope will help them remove the stigma associated with mobility challenges and help people stay active, without compromising their lifestyle. Through a focus on aesthetics and functionality, byACRE designs rollators for people, not patients, with the aim of helping people around the world rediscover their freedom of mobility and improve their quality of life.”

It’s amazing that a small Danish company can achieve such great recognition in front of several thousand nominees throughout Europe.

As pictured below – Team byACRE are so proud and grateful!