Our Carbon Ultralight was recently featured in YankoDesign, the design and innovation savvy online magazine, which we are very proud of. YankoDesign are dedicated to covering the best in international product design and we’re proud to be included in this category.


In this product feature, they highlight some of the design features of our Carbon Ultralight, a super lightweight rollator walker made of carbon fiber.

This carbon-fiber rollator’s handles will hold your hand

We love universal designs, especially when they provide the freedom to move. Mobility is a particularly important aspect to our differently-abled demographic that relies on inclusive design, so having a product that works for everyone, including them, is a true winner. That’s why it isn’t surprising that the Carbon Ultralight rollator was featured in the Red Dot Design Awards! A rollator is basically a rolling walker with a seat that makes it easy to move without having to lift the unit up.

The name Carbon Ultralight comes from its biggest differentiating factor, the rollator is the lightest (and the first of its kind) in the world because of its complete carbon-fiber frame. It only weighs 10.5 lbs. (4.8 kgs), so it really is ultra light, but the designers have also added some aircraft-grade aluminum to give it stability while moving and braking. The ergonomic build and shape have been inspired by the organic bodies of fast animals (think dolphins, sharks, and falcons!), as well as the streamlined designs of sportscars from the automotive industry. One of the little details that really stands out and makes it a ‘clean’ design is that the brake cables are hidden inside the frame.

If you are currently social distancing, you will love the thought behind the shape of the rollator’s handles, they are designed to give you the feeling that you are holding someone’s hand. This can provide a sense of security to elderly users as well as those who are differently abled. Certain shapes and forms are known to provide psychological comfort that can make the user confident about using the product independently. The handles are purposely turned the opposite direction of the rollator to give the user better posture and to make maneuvering easy. Its unique handles make using the rollator effortless because the user uses their palms instead of their fingers to dictate the rollator’s direction. It also comes with detachable accessories including a backrest and organizer.

Another refreshing change was the upgrade to the height adjustment function. The designers replaced the traditional knob with a button that adjusts the height in increments of 30 mm. This way, it’s a lot easier to keep track of the height if multiple people share the rollator. Apart from being as light as a rollator could be if it was a feather, it is also super compact and, when folded down, it is only 255 mm wide. If you haven’t noticed yet, the Carbon Ultralight is not only highly functional but also looks very sleek and stylish. Call your grandma now.

Source: YankoDesign – This carbon-fiber rollator’s handles will hold your hand –  March 27 2020