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“My summer starts here, every year, at Greenroom Festival in Yokohama.
This year, I decided to come with a rollator, and here I am, having fun!
It’s so much easier to walk, it’s so light that small bumps don’t matter anymore. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I can now enjoy.”

Aki Tanaka, Japan
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“People really notice and comment on the byACRE: people who would normally see an older woman with a walker as invisible. This is directly because of its design. Apart from giving me a much broader sense of freedom and mobility, it also makes me visible and respected as someone with a cool & hip bit of kit. And that’s rare for a woman of my age!

Linda, Australia


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“I just wanted to thank the team at byACRE for allowing my 101-year-old father an immense enjoyment in the final 6 months of his life by using the Carbon Ultralight rollator to walk in a new park every week. He was so excited to tell his friends and family which new parks he visited here in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!”

Judy, USA

Carbon Ultralight

The world’s lightest rollator

“It’s an amazing rollator. Perfect balance, compact, stable and good looking – I especially like the shade of red! I know I can carry this down to the Underground and up and out again.”

Christine, UK

“I bought my Carbon Ultralight rollator last month in the Ferrari Red colour. I called him/her Enzo. Every single time I go out with my Enzo people stop me and give me compliments: “OMG it is a rollator!”. I am so happy with my purchase!”

John, The Netherlands

Because of the Carbon Ultralight Walker, I can once again walk around the neighbourhood! My limp from an accident I had in 2002 has worsened as I have aged, but the byACRE provides enough stability that I can walk limp-free. It’s a good investment.”

Mary Ann, USA

Meet Brittany


Being an MS advocate from Southern California, Brittany dedicates her time to educating and helping people with multiple sclerosis.

Let’s hear what she has to say about the Carbon Ultralight.

“Your rollator has changed my life. It is lightweight and I can lift it off of curbs with ease. I’m 51 years old, I live with cerebral palsy, scoliosis and degenerative disc disease. 

The byACRE rollator has given me my independence back without exaggeration. I can walk my dog and go where I want to go again. For the first time in my whole life, I’m not afraid of falling. It’s given my family peace of mind as well.

People notice this device and have commented on the streamlined design of my rollator and I always remark on the added benefit of how lightweight it is.

My heartfelt gratitude for making a light weight and aesthetically pleasing looking rollator. Thank you.”

Coba, Canada

“The rollator arrived just as promised: fully assembled, and in good condition. It is a wonderfully designed functional work of art.  It is light (I love that part; I am the lifter) and operates easily and smoothly.  

I asked my partner what he likes the best about the rollator. He said he likes the fact it is lightweight and shows overall excellence in design. He says that among the many walkers he has had during his 24 years of Parkinson’s Disease, it is the most directionally stable during walking. It appears to encourage a vertical walking position. 

I would only add that it deserves a place in a modern art museum. Have you considered that? 

Thank you so much for making this device; it improves our life greatly. It was well worth the long wait.”


Wendy, USA 


“I am writing to tell you how much I love my Carbon Ultralight rollator.  As a person with progressive MS, needing some help to keep me mobile is one of life’s realities – and having the right tools to stay mobile is part of the deal.  I love the rollator I got from byACRE.  It is strong, light, and looks good too.  With the travel bag it travels very well on airplanes. 

This past week it helped me to enjoy a stroll, and a little off-trail trek, on the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.  Thank you for engineering tools that allow us to have great adventures too!”

Carole, USA

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Not all mobility aids are suitable for sand, but thankfully my new byACRE Carbon Overland is! Meaning I could enjoy some quality time with this big thing. 

Laura, North Ireland

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“I only started using a rollator on seeing the slick design of carbon fibre series by byACRE!”

Robert, England

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“She is strong and likes to travel. She is great on packed sand and rocky, uneven soil. I am so appreciative of Effy (my Overland) as she widens the areas in which I can be mobile!”

Betsy, USA

Carbon Overland

The world’s toughest rollator

“Your rollator is extremely pleasant to use and very, very, light. It has nothing to do with the sad rollators one can currently find in France. It’s design is just great, really beautiful. All my congratulations to the designer. I don’t at all feel complexed to go out with it.”

Irene, France

“I’m not just a customer of your product, but I’m also a big fan of byACRE because you make the world for people with disabilities like myself a better place. I’m super happy with my Ultralight! You guys can be really proud of yourselves! Thank you for creating something that matters.”

Ralph, The Netherlands


“As someone who contends with mobility issues caused by multiple sclerosis, it is a tremendous relief to encounter a manufacturer who believes that functionality and style can co-exist in products for those who have trouble walking. A very heart felt thank you to your company for its compassionate ingenuity.”

Janet, Canada

“Since becoming chronically ill and disabled, I’ve had to process a lot. So much is different for me now and honestly, I had some self doubts and internalized ableism to tackle. It almost stopped me from getting my rollator. But I’m not “too young” for a mobility aid. I’m deserving of accommodations. I’m not less than. My rollator has given me so much of my daily life back and I love it.”

Kayt, USA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for making mobility aid so much easier both on a practical level and on a phsychological level. I have been a little nervous (due to pride) about giving in and using a rollator but am missing my independence enough to admit I need one. Yours is the first one I not only like, but love. Thank you for designing a tool that is not only useful, easy to handle but also quite cool and trendy.”

Esther, UK

“I am at the point where the concept of a walker is a stark reality. All walkers I have looked at in the US look flimsy, medical, screaming that I am becoming more disabled, and make me feel even more self-conscious and lower my self-esteem even more. Your products set the standard. Now I feel I can get out and start moving again with confidence, pride, and joy, without feeling shame, embarrassment and that I am less than adequate. This is HUGE for me.”

Sarah, USA

“Now that I’ve discovered your elegant, modern Carbon Ultralight walker, I feel like I can look normal and attractive again.”

Anna, USA

“My beautiful new rollator arrived yesterday! It is going to be “life-changing! It is really handsome and so light and sturdy that I can go out by myself to the shop, to the library & most importantly to the barn to ride my horse, Patty.”

Deborah, USA

“Every single time I go out, people stop me and want to admire my rollator.  I have even been stopped in the hospital by a Doctor who was interested in it.”

Virginia, UK

“I really love my Scandinavian Butler, such a help to me fetching articles from one room to the other. I took it to lunch with friends, there was much admiration and lots of very positive comments on it’s good looks and sleek lines. Thank you byACRE for a great design.”

Margaret, UK


Scandinavian Butler


World’s most reliable indoor rollator walker

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