MS Stories

Nora from South Carolina, USA

We have asked MS warriors to share their experience with MS and having a rollator. This is Nora’s story:

Nora has had MS symptoms since she was in her 20s, starting with affecting her vision. She didn’t have any mobility issues until her 30s, when she began to have tingling in her left leg for months and could barely walk. She then got physical therapy to learn to walk with a cane.

This cane stayed with her for a long time. Too long.
It was a mobility aid that she outgrew, but continued using to “look less disabled”, which it didn’t. And whilst trying to look cool, she waisted so much energy that she could have spent on her loved ones. This realization helped her to borrow an old rollator, which then started her search for a better one. That’s how she found us!

One of Nora’s best MS tips, that changed her life, is “my body isn’t me”. When people saw her struggle one day more than the other, they would say “I see you’re having a bad day”. That made her realize that no, that is her body having a bad day, not her. She refuses to let her unpredictable body determent if she’s having a good or a bad day. That’s to her mind to decide.

“It is not just what I need, it is what I need to project to the rest of the world”

– Nora on how a mobility aid creates awareness for others

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Nora’s best MS tips:
  • My body isn’t ME! People ask if I am having a “Bad Day” when they see me struggling with physical MS symptoms. I let them know I refuse to let how I am doing as a person to be based on how well my body works physically from one day to the next because MS can be too unpredictable.


  • Do not let your ego get in the way of asking for help or using what you need to make your MS life easier. If you need a cane, a rollator or wheel chair or a service dog, do not hesitate!  You do not look any cooler by struggling without help!


  • Other people better understand what they can see. Using a rollator lets the world know you probably have balance issues & may need extra time or physical space without having to explain. When MS invisible symptoms are made obviously visible to others, people will be more careful around you.


  • With MS, using a rollator is not only for balance. I conserve energy using a rollator because my body is not working as hard. It helps me to be more present to my loved ones throughout the day.