The most lightweight rollator walkers you've seen
The most lightweight rollator walkers you've seen

The most lightweight rollator walkers you’ve seen

Why a lightweight rollator walker?

Why a lightweight rollator walker? Why a lightweight rollator walker?

A lightweight rollator walker is your most convenient companion for an active everyday life, where your rollator does not hinder you.

The featherlight weight of the rollator enables you to maneuver it with ease, all while ensuring a smooth and stable walk. And because of the light weight you can easily lift it in your car, take it on the bus or carry it with you on the train when going somewhere.

The light weight also comes in handy when walking up stairs or climbing curbs and other obstacles when out exploring.

We want you to have a safe and struggle free experience with your rollator.

My beautiful new rollator arrived yesterday! It is going to be life-changing! It is really handsome and so light and sturdy that I can go out by myself to the shop, to the library and most importantly to the barn to ride my horse, Patty.”

– Deborah, USA

Light and foldable = a perfect match

Light and foldable = a perfect match Light and foldable = a perfect match

An active life on the go requires a companion that is easy to bring with you.

byACRE’s lightweight rollator walkers can easily be folded together without the use of force, so you’ll be able to quickly and confidently lift and take the rollator with you. 

The rollator folds flat and will easily fit into any car, boat, train or airplane. The foldability also comes in handy when walking through narrow door frames or small aisles.

All byACRE’s rollator walkers are designed to meet all needs for everyday convenience and mobility, for todays thriving seniors and everyone in need of mobility assistance.

Take a seat

All our lightweight and foldable rollators also have a comfortable built-in seat, so you don’t have to compromise your adventures because of your need to rest. The built in seat comes in handy every time you have to sit down to relax or enjoy the view. 

We want you to be able live your life as you wish, where your rollator walker is always there to assist you. 

Common rollator vs byACRE lightweight rollators

Common rollators

  • Often weights 7kg, or more
  • Difficult to maneuver, thus lacking stability
  • Rarely folds easily
  • Heavy and difficult to carry with you
  • Minimum shock absorbance
  • Not designed to be stylish

byACRE’s lightweight rollators

  • Lightweight of between 4,8 and 6,7 kg
  • Effortless to maneuver
  • Folds super quick and easy
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry with you everywhere
  • Maximum shock absorbance
  • Designed to be stylish with a wide range of colors and styles

Take it up the stairs

Manage stairs like a champion thanks to the light weight material and how easy it folds.

Simply fold it together, lift, and fold out again.

No more struggle with a heavy rollator up the stairs.


You set the limit

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Climbing hills

With a light weight rollator walker you can even climb hills and mountains.

Thanks to the light weight you’ll be needing less body strength to both push the rollator to climb the hills, or walk the hills downwards.

The byACRE rollators are easy maneuvered and the shock-absorbance of the 4 wheels helps you along the hills with comfort and stability.

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Going for long walks

Be able to go for long walks and improve your endurance with a rollator walker that requires less strength to maneuver and pushforward, compared to normal rollators.

And if you have to take a break, the folding lightweight rollators comes with a comfortable built in seat that is easily folded out.

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Take the public transport

Public transport is not always the easiest when you’re challenged with your mobility.

With a lightweight rollator, however, you can carry with you on the train or on the bus, or train without problem.

The rollator walker is easy folding and fits in small aisles on the bus or on the train when you’re seated.

Need to bring the rollator in the car?

No worries!

byACRE’s lightweight rollator walker folds flat and thanks to the light weight you’ll be able to lift it in and out of your vehicle with ease.

The rollator is intentionally made so the weight is evenly balanced, to facilitate trickier lifts such as in and out of the car.

Simply fold it flat, lift it and bring it with you.

A lightweight travel companion

We all know the stressful situation of being in an airport and needing to get somewhere in time. The last thing you want is a heavy and rough rollator walker with you that creates more stress and hinder you from being on the move.

With a lightweight and easy manageable rollator walker you can spare yourself some stress and energy and travel with comfort. You will also always be able to rest, thanks to the built in seat.

Besides, you can even bring it on the plane! The byACRE lightweight rollators folds flat and fit in the narrow airplane aisles, so you can have your safe travel friend with you everywhere. 

And when at your destination, the light and folding rollator is the best companion to bring with you everywhere, for you to fully enjoy your vacation.

Weight vs stability


A rollator walker that is both light and stable is not the easiest to find. In fact, it is a difficult trade off between most models.

Ultra lightweight

Ultra lightweight Ultra lightweight

We at byACRE have worked hard to develop rollators that are both exteremely lightweight yet super stable to assist you when you need it the most, for an active lifestyle for everyone.

The design of the byACRE rollators increases the stability and therefore the safety when out and about.

For our light rollators we have prioritized ultra lightweight, developed for people with an active life on the go, where weight is key. For seniors, who want to maintain an active lifestyle, and everyone in need of extra assistance.

Super stable

Super stable Super stable

While weight is what we have prioritized, all our rollators have top stability compared to other outdoor rollators to ensure a safe and steady walk.

For some people, maximum stability is the most important part. In situations where the rollator is mainly to be used at home, and for people who are not in need of travelling with it or transport it.

For this, we have made the Scandinavian Butler. A 10 kilo robust rollator that instead offers maximum stability. To ensure that maximum stability, the weight could not be compromised, therefore it is heavy. 

The Scandinavian Butler does not have a seat, as the other lightweight rollators do, since it’s made for support in your home only.

What are our users saying?

“It’s so much easier to walk, it’s so light that small bumps don’t matter anymore. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I can now enjoy.”

Aki Tanaka, Japan

“It’s an amazing rollator. Perfect balance, compact, stable and good looking – I especially like the shade of red! I know I can carry this down to the Underground and up and out again.”

Christine, UK

Featherlight yet stable rollator walkers

You might wonder how our rollator walkers can be of both featherlight weight and stable at the same time? While light weight is what we have prioritized, all rollators are still very stable to, without doubt, assist you when you need it and ensure a safe and steady walk.

Carbon Ultralight

Carbon Ultralight is our lightest rollator, and the lightest rollator in the world. The carbon rollator weighs only 4.8 kg and is the perfect companion for indoor and outdoor use.

While being extreme light weight, it is also very stable and steady to keep you safe because of its design.

Should you for example lean too much on it while trying to turn instantly, it will resist the rapid turn so you wont experience any unintended trips or falls.

The handles on the Carbon Ultralight are, unlike any other rollator, forward facing, which allows you to be close to the rollator and therefore increases your control and stability.

Carbon Overland

Carbon Overland is our off road all terrain rollator, best suitable for an active outdoor life. It is an extremely stable yet very light weighing only 6.7 kg.

The Carbon Overland has a steady, long frame and excellent shock absorption, which keeps you safe and provides you with great stability when walking.

The handles are, unlike other rollators, forward facing, which allows you to be close to the rollator and therefore increases the stability while walking.

The strong carbon fiber frame and superb shock- absorption from the large 4 wheels provides you with a smooth, stable walking experience, unhindered by any differences in the terrain.

The Carbon Overland will also resist any unintended falls, if you would happen to lean too much on the sides to ensure your safety.

Nordic Pioneer

As with Carbon Ultralight and Carbon Overland, our newest addition Nordic Pioneer is super light yet very stable, designed for an everyday life. The Nordic Pioneer is the perfect all purpose rollator and has a weight of only 5.5 kg.

Thanks to the ergonomic forward facing handles, you will get close to the rollator and be able to maneuver it easier, while increasing the control and stability when walking.

To ensure stability and safety, the Nordic Pioneer will resist rapid and unintended falls and tumbles if you, for example, would lean too much on the sides when trying to turn.

Scandinavian Butler – why is it heavy?

The Scandinavian Butler stands out from the byACRE crowd, because it is in fact not lightweight. Instead, the Scandinavian Butler is heavy, and non foldable.

Why? Because here, we have prioritized maximum stability.  The Scandinavian Butler is not designed for an active outdoor life, instead it act as a stable and stylish companion in your home, where stability is the most important factor.

It has the same superior design as our lightweight rollators, however with extra length and weight it offers the best stability on the market.

A steady rollator perfect for today’s thriving seniors who deserve a stylish and stable companion.


On byACRE we are very considerate about the materials we use, to create the most sustainable, long lasting and durable rollator walkers for you. The frames are made in three different materials, each with different characteristics. 

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Carbon frame rollator

byACRE’s Carbon Ultralight and Carbon Overland are made of strong and light weight carbon fiber.

5x stronger than steel and extra durable and light weight.

The material is chosen to be able to develop the lightest rollator in the world, yet strong and durable for long lasting.

Because of this, we offer lifetime warranty on the frame.

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Aluminium frame rollator

The frame on byACRE’s Nordic Pioneer is made of EcoLight – a mix of lightweight, durable EPP and strong aluminum. This creates a scratch-resistant, durable and long lasting frame.

The rollator is also made entirely from recyclable and non toxic material for your and our planet’s safety.

On top of that – we offer lifetime warranty on the frame. 

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Steel frame rollator

The Scandinavian Butler has a frame made of strong and roust steel, to provide you with maximum stability.

As the Scandinavian Butler is not made to be lifted or transported, the most important thing is weight and stability.

As a symbol of its high quality and strength, we offer an infinite warranty on the frame.


Learn more about lightweight rollator walkers

What is the lightest rollator available?

ByACRE’s Carbon Ultralight rollator is the world’s lightest rollator of only 10,6 lbs. when fully assembled. There is no other rollator with 4-wheels made for adults, in size Medium, that weighs this little. 

What is a light weight rollator?

A “light weight” rollator weighs a maximum of 7 kg.  Rollators above 7 kg will often be bothersome to handle in an active lifestyle. An “ultralight” rollator is a rollator weighing less than 5 kg, such as Carbon Ultralight. 

How heavy is a normal rollator?

“Normal” rollators often weigh around 7 kg, or heavier.  

Rollators above 7 kg are often bothersome to handle in an active lifestyle.

What is the difference between a light and an ultralight weight rollator?

An “ultralight” rollator is a rollator weighing less than 11 lbs.  Whereas a “light” rollator weighs a maximum of 15.5 lbs. 

Rollators above 15.5 lbs will often be bothersome to handle in an active lifestyle.

What is the maximum weight of a light weight rollator?

Rollators that weight less than 7 kg count as light weight.

What does the lightest rollator cost?

byACRE’s Carbon Ultralight is the lightest rollator in the world, and costs €599.00.

You can buy the Carbon Ultralight at our retailers around the world, or in our Webshop: here 

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