Carbon Overland

World’s toughest all terrain rollator walker

For exploring, freedom and versatility

Our ambition with the Carbon Overland off-road rollator walker is to give you the freedom to go wherever you want, without limitations. Because of the Carbon Overland’s light weight, strong carbon fiber frame and durable rubber tires it withstands every weather and terrain, for you to fully experience outdoor life.

Go for adventures in the forest, to the beach or even in the mountains, you choose!

The Carbon Overland off road rollator

The Carbon Overland off road rollator The Carbon Overland off road rollator
  • Superior in outdoor terrain such as grass, hills and gravel roads
  • Ultra-durable pneumatic tires with maximum shock-absorption
  • Strong front forks and sealed bearings
  • Carbon fiber frame – 5x stronger than steel
  • Lightweight at only 14.8 lbs
  • Easy to fold and comes with a built-in seat
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to explore

World’s lightest all terrain rollator



“I’ve just bought a Carbon Overland and took it on its first outing to a park. It coped with grass, shale and gravel paths beautifully. I can’t wait to take it to the beach. I just love it and wish I’d bought it sooner.”

– Vivienne, UK


Carbon Overland really takes you through all sorts of terrain

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The beach

Do you miss the beach? The Carbon Overland can take you there. Thanks to the strong and durable tires, combined with the light weight of the rollator you can now take comfortable walks on the beach again.

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The woods

Take an enjoyable walk in the woods with the Carbon Overland. The all-terrain walker overcomes the muddy and wet surface and will ensure you a comfortable walk without having to struggle or get stuck in the mud.

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The snow

We know that it can be difficult to walk in snow,  it’s slippery and hard to push through. But even the snow can be conquered by the Carbon Overland. The outdoor walker provides great stability, which decreases the risk of falling.

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Hills and mountains

Hills and mountains can seem impossible to be climbing with a rollator. We are here to prove you wrong. Due to the Carbon Overland’s light weight you will need less strength to push the rollator when climbing the hills. It’s easy maneuvering and shock-absorbance helps you along the bumpy hills with comfort and stability.

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Gravel roads

Bumpy gravel roads can often hinder you when being outdoors. With the Carbon Overland all terrain rollator it will no longer be a challenge to overcome them. The shock absorption of the outdoor walkers big wheels and the strength of the frame makes it easier than ever to walk over bumpy gravel roads.

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Dirt paths and grass

With the air-filled rubber wheels the Carbon Overland provides maximum shock absorption, making it possible for you to walk through dirt and grass like never before. Take a hassle-free and smooth walk outdoors with byACRE’s best all terrain outdoor walker.

The Carbon Overland

is also superb for

urban terrain such as

cobblestone, pavements

and curbs!


A lightweight companion for all your adventures


The Carbon Overland is the world’s lightest all-terrain rollator at only 14.8 lbs.

The light weight enables you to go through all terrains with minimum effort, as you won’t have to use as much strength to push forward as with other, heavier rollators.

It also helps you to not get stuck, such as in soft terrains like grass and snow.

With the light weight along with the effortless foldability, you can easily lift the Carbon Overland into your car when going somewhere, so you can keep exploring.


Designed with physiotherapists


All rollators at byACRE are ergonomically designed to help improve your posture while walking and thereby putting less strain on your body.

The off road walker is equipped with forward-facing handles so you can walk with an upright posture and maneuver the rollator walker better. This prevents you from hunching over when walking, which eases the pressure on your back and shoulders. 

Go for a safe and stable walk and improve your health and fitness with the Carbon Overland.

Walk smoothly with

maximum shock-


The Carbon Overland off-road walker has been carefully designed

to provide maximum shock-absorption for a smooth and comfortable walk,

without straining or overworking your body.


Big, air-filled rubber wheels


The big wheels of the Carbon Overland walker are key to it’s off-road abilities

  • Ultra-durable and pneumatic tires for maximum suspension
  • Wide and big wheels that don’t get stuck in tough terrains
  • High quality tires and tubes, making punctures a rare event
  • Sealed bearings that prevent water and dirt from penetrating the interior of the wheel


Safety and stability

It is important to feel safe while out exploring. The Carbon Overland outdoor walker provides you with great stability allowing you to conquer even the most difficult terrain without compromising your need for safety.

While being light weight, it is constructed with a longer frame and strong, durable clips holding the handles firmly in place even on bumpy terrain.

Along with the forward-facing handles, that allow you to bring the rollator close to your body, the Carbon Overland gives you increased, firm control over the rollator and better stability while you’re walking.

The superb shock-absorption from the large wheels provides a smooth, stable walking experience, unhindered by any differences in the terrain, so you can walk safely and avoid unintended trips or falls. 

An all terrain outdoor walker designed to provide stability and support, while also allowing for easy transport.


A rollator built to last


Despite its light weight, the Carbon Overland is very strong and durable. The frame is made of strong carbon fiber material that is 5 times stronger than steel.

Because of this we actually provide you with a lifetime warranty on the frame when you register your rollator on our website.

A rollator that is built to last, so to say.

Fold it with ease

With the Carbon Overland you will have the possibility

to go on all the adventures you want. The rollator is able to be folded effortlessly,

folding in just a few seconds. Take it anywhere you want without struggling.



Take a break

Sometimes, being out and exploring and going for adventures can be tiring.

Luckily, the Carbon Overland comes with a convenient built-in seat for you to relax on when needed. Simply fold out the seat with a click and sit down to take a break or simply enjoy the view at wherever you are.


Want to go travelling? No problem!


Your mobility challenges should never hinder you from going traveling. With byACRE’s Carbon Overland all terrain walker, you are assured in having a convenient travel companion wherever you go. The rollator is super lightweight and folds easily, allowing you to carry it wherever you go, without any struggle.

Take it on the flight, to the boat or in your car. Wherever you want to go, the Carbon Overland follows you. Any country, any weather and any terrain. The Carbon Overland really is your best travel companion.

We have talked to some of our rollator travelers and asked them to share their experiences of traveling with their all terrain rollator.

Yvonne from North Ireland

“I am from Northern Ireland, and I travel with my rollator every few months, but I use it daily when I walk a mile each morning as part of my exercise. I love road trips. We often travel by ferry and car to see my son in Liverpool. I have traveled to the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland and Spain, honestly everywhere is so accessible nowadays so you can live without limits.”




Allergy friendly materials


We want you to be safe with your rollator. Therefore we have selected allergy friendly materials for the part of the rollator that you will be in close contact with, for example the handles.

Stroll with style

Stroll with style Stroll with style

byACRE’s rollator walkers are designed to be stylish with a range of different colors – to fit every type of adventure, outfit and personality.

Instead of making a clunky, medical like design, we have made a rollator walker that is good looking for today’s  thriving seniors and adults in need of a mobility device.

Our Carbon Overland off road rollator walker comes in two different colors – Defender Green and Bentley Brown.

Our best all terrain rollator – ready to use right away!

Our best all terrain rollator - ready to use right away! Our best all terrain rollator - ready to use right away!

The Carbon Overland off road rollator comes fully assembled when arriving, so you can use it right away and start exploring. 

Simply unwrap, unfold, adjust the handles to fit your height and start rolling!

A rollator walker not only for seniors, for everyone in need of extra assistance to live an active outdoor life.

Specifications Specifications


Weight14.8 lbs
Handle height33.6″-37.4″
Max user weight330 lbs
Grip to brake2.4″
Width folded11.4″
Seat width18.5″
Seat height24.4″
Wheel diameter9.8″


What is an offroad and all terrain rollator?

An offroad and all terrain rollator is, as the name suggests, a rollator that can conquer every off road terrain such as snow, sand, gravel roads, grass and hills.

The byACRE Carbon rollator is one of the few rollators that fits this definition. 

What is the best rollator for outside use?

It depends on what kind of terrain you are going use the rollator for. In general the byACRE rollators are superior in outdoor usage.

The Carbon Overland rollator is the superior for all outdoor life, it is tough yet lightweight and withstands every weather and terrain.

If the usage is mainly for urban and light terrain, then both the Carbon Ultralight and the Nordic Pioneer will be good choices.

Can you put bigger wheels on a rollator?

It might be possible, but you wouldn’t need to with the Carbon Overland, as the wheels are big enough for use in any terrain.

Can you put the Carbon Overland wheels on a Carbon Ultralight?

No, that is not possible. The rollators have different frames and sizes, and the wheels can therefore not be switched and still be able to drive with. If you need bigger wheels than those available on the Ultralight, we recommend that you buy either the Carbon Overland or the Nordic Pioneer. 

What height and weight is a match for the Carbon Overland?

The maximum user weight for the Carbon Overland is 330 lbs.

As for the height, it is the height up until your wrists that is decisive, not your total height.

The handles on the Carbon Overland are adjustable between 33.5 – 37.4 inches. 

Can I adjust the handles to fit my height?

Yes, you can easily adjust the height of the handles by pressing a button on the frame. Choose between 6 settings, having the handle length vary from 33.5- 37.5 inches, and set the handles to fit your length. When you hear the click – the handles are set. 

Can I get the Carbon Overland in a smaller or larger size?

The Carbon Overland comes in one size. The handles are adjustable to fit your length. 

Will the Carbon Overland fit in the trunk of my car?

The Carbon Overland folds flat with minimum effort, and is only 9.8 In wide when folded. It can easily be lifted into the trunk of a car and will fit most of all car trunks.

However, we recommend you to measure your car trunk and compare it with the rollator to be sure that it fits.