Travel Stories

Yvonne from North Ireland

We have talked to some of our most experienced rollator travelers and asked them to share their experience and travel tips.  This is Yvonne’s story:

I am from Northern Ireland and I travel with my rollator every few months, but I use it daily when I walk my morning mile for exercise.

I love road trips. We travel by ferry and car often to see my son in Liverpool. I love that I can use my rollator when I’m stiff to get out for breaks, walk and stretch my legs on long journeys. I always use it when we’re out for dinner at restaurants and are out socialising. I’ve even used it at a family wedding, so that I could mingle without clinging on to my husband. It gives super independence, since I can keep up with my family without limits with it.

I have travelled to USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Spain – honestly everywhere is so accessible nowadays so you can live without limits.

I’m never embarrassed to use my rollator, because my enthusiasm to live my life is greater than me feeling self conscious. Honestly people do not even notice, if they do, it’s always very positive comments. I’ve been told more than once on my daily walk that I’m an inspiration. I was so happy that I can encourage others.

Yvonne’s travel tips: 
  • Invest in the travel bag. Put luggage labels on it.  It has been a godsend for flights and road trips to protect my byACRE, Carbon Ultralight. I am able to walk to the steps of the aircraft and put my rollator in the travel bag where it is then put into the hold. It is then waiting on me after the flight either at the bottom of the steps or on the luggage conveyor belt.


  • Book special assistance at the airport, because it is superb. Do not be embarrassed or imagine you don’t need it because it makes such a difference. No standing in queues, because you’ll be escorted straight through passport control etc.


  • Request a ground floor hotel room or apartment if available at your resort. We recently were in the Canary Islands and I could walk (with rollator) straight from my ground floor terrace around the resort, without waiting around for lifts during busy season with young families who also needed lifts with prams etc.