Rollator Talks

Janneke from the Netherlands

We have asked Carbon Ultralight owners to tell us about their life with a rollator and how they deal with the mobility challenges in their daily life. This is Janneke’s story:

“It just gives me a piece of freedom back”

– Janneke on how the Carbon Ultralight changed her life.



“It took me a long while to understand that the rollator really helped me out, and that is a good thing because now I have my freedom back. I can do the things I love because I’m not resistant anymore. I think the rollator has become a part of my life like riding my bike is.”

Overcoming ignorance

“People always have an idea about it. They don’t think twice before they yell something at you. Some people think I use it to get attention. But that is not true of course. They just don’t know and that’s something you have to accept. When I walk with this modern rollator I get less yelling. Most of the reactions I get now is about how good it looks and how fashionable it is.”

Bad days

“On my bad days I try to think of everything I still can do. I am happy I can go out. Even when I’m not walking, I can sit and see the people I want to see and I can talk to them. I can tell my story and that gives me energy to go on.”

Regaining freedom

“It took me about two months to realize I really needed it and to make it my own choice. When I used it I could do much more things than without using it. I was able to go out with friends again. In a way you can say I became more active because I used the rollator. It just gives me a piece of freedom back.”

Traveling with rollator