Tara Moss

Follow along on an accessible trip to Italy

Meet Tara – a bestselling author and disability advocate, who recently was on a trip to Italy with her byACRE rollator. Read Tara‘s travel story when she visited Pompeii and Herculaneum with her Carbon Ultralight: 

“I had my first ever experience with an accessible travel company since becoming disabled, and using my rollator allowed me to see much more on this special day than I possibly could have otherwise. On the day I was able to manage with the support of my byACRE rollator walker, Ruby, so Hera, my wheelchair, stayed at home.

There have been efforts to make these ancient sites more accessible, and you can see some of the pathways here. Sage Travelling rates Pompeii as two stars for accessibility due to the uneven terrain. Stairs and inclines can be avoided by knowing the right paths to take, and you can often get free entry at these sites and at a museums in Naples by showing your disability card, so my advice is to take it with you. Some areas are simply inaccessible for those of us with limited mobility and using mobility aids, however.

Herculaneum is a smaller site, and gets four stars from Sage as it is more accessible. It was my dream to see Pompeii and with this accessible tour I was able to get both. I saw such beautiful sights!

This was a once in a lifetime experience for me, and one I will always cherish.”

“Greetings from glorious Galleria Umberto I, Naples, with my versatile and supportive byACRE rollator walker, Ruby. I’m here researching my fifteenth book – a third Billie Walker historical mystery set in Naples, 1948.

You can’t get it from a textbook or a Google search. The character that is the city you write about must be met in person.”


“The byACRE Carbon Ultralight is made of light carbon fiber so it – or me – could be carried if needed, and that made it a good choice here. It was brilliant on the road, and fit into tiny taxis and folded sideways into shops when I needed it to. Don’t let anyone tell you that mobility aids are ‘only’ for seniors, or that needing mobility aids makes you lesser” – Tara

“Accessibility is tricky but so far my rollator has been a total champion, managing the cobblestone with surprising ease.”

Thank you Tara for sharing your wonderful experience with your Carbon Ultralight with us.

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