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User stories
User stories User stories

Through our customer service and our social media channels, we receive numerous reviews from customers about their experiences with their rollators, that we of course would like to share.

Rollator Talks

We asked three Carbon Ultralight users to tell us their stories about using a rollator. In their interviews, they talk about topics such as acceptance, overcoming ignorance, getting noticed, and how style matters. See what they had to say:

Stories from an expert

What does a physical therapist say about byACRE?
We have talked to MS Specialist and Physical Therapist Doctor Gretchen, and gathered all her best videos, guides, and advice:

Featuring Dr. Gretchen

Physical Therapist & MS Specialist

Travel Stories

Traveling with a rollator is not always the easiest. But we are here to prove that it is absolutely possible! To facilitate any kind of trip or adventure, and especially where the rollator needs to be transported and lifted – a lightweight rollator walker is essential. Whether it might be our all-terrain rollator Carbon Overland or the all-purpose rollator Carbon Ultralight. 

We have talked to four of our most experienced rollator travelers and asked them to share their experience and best travel tips for traveling with a rollator.

Awards and acknowledgments

Our efforts to combine aesthetics with functionality in an innovative, future-oriented design have been recognized by several awards. These show us that medically stigmatized products can also be considered great designs.