Which size byACRE carbon rollator should you get?

Which size byACRE carbon rollator should you get? Which size byACRE carbon rollator should you get?

The main difference between the sizes


Many people can fit more than one size based on the below information. In this case, there are a couple of things to consider.

The compact model is smaller than the others so it fits more easily in narrow spaces, but the seat may also require a bit more flexibility to get into.

The wide model’s biggest difference from the regular is the wider seat and wider frame. This makes it a bit more comfortable to sit in, but also means it wont fit through as many doorways.

Ask yourself where you plan to use your rollator, and then pick one that fits you – and your environment.

If you are in doubt between two models, we recommend getting the wider option.

Getting the right rollator height


When deciding on a size to get, the first thing to consider is the height of the handles.
The height of the handles must be able to match the height of your wrists when standing idle.



Measure the height of your wrists when standing, and then compare with the handle heights available on our rollators to see which ones might be compatible with you.

You should also remember to measure your height while wearing shoes if you plan to use your rollator outside. Furthermore, since your arms will be at a slight angle forwards as you grip the handles, we recommend adding one or two centimetres to your wrist height.

Getting the correct handle height ensures you can walk upright and not be hunched over when using the rollator.

Getting the right seat height


The seat height is not adjustable, but it differs between the compact and the regular/wide models.



The compact model seat height is 56 cm, while the regular and wide models are both at 61 cm.

To find out which one fits you best, try finding a chair in your home with a height close to our rollators. You can try raising its height by using books, pillows, or other fabrics. The most important part of a rollator seat is how easy it is to get in and out of, so try sitting in the chair you found and see if you’d be comfortable getting in and out of it frequently.


Hip width


When getting in and out of the seat, it is important that your hip width is less than the width between the handles on your rollator. You can still use your rollator even if it is a bit too narrow around the handles, but you may need to do a bit of a salsa to get into the seat in that case.

You should also consider whether you often wear thick coats (especially in the winter) or other things around your waist, as you would then need a bit extra space.