Outdoor Rollator Accessories

All of our outdoor rollator accessories have been designed to add even more functionality to our Carbon Ultralight. As with any other form of transportation vehicle you should have functionalities that can assist you in your daily activities. We have put a lot of thought into designing accessories that are not only functional but also have elegant and modern design.


Supporting your lower back while sitting

To better facilitate a rest while out on a trip, we have designed a backrest that supports your lower back while sitting on the seat of your rollator.

Great support

for your lower back while sitting on your rollator

Adjustable height

so it fits no matter the height on your rollator (though limited to a max height 25mm below the rollators tallest position)

Easy to clean and maintain

Made in grey polyester that is easy to maintain and wipe clean and which will compliment your rollator no matter the colour.

Easy attachment

The backrest is attached into the holes on the handle bar. Put the metal knob on the backrest into one of the holes and then put the Velcro strap on the backrest through the metal bracket and tighten it.


Small bag for your necessities

Need a small purse for your rollator? The organiser is designed to hold your personal belongings and function as a small bag.

Double attachment mechanism

for secure attachment that keeps the organiser on the rollator

Easy to clean

Made in polyester so it is easy to wipe clean and for a nice, elegant finish

Attachable shoulder strap

so you can take it with you and carry it over your shoulder like a small purse

Easy attachment

Collapse the rollator a bit. Place the two hooks on the bag onto the two hooks on the back of the rollator. Take the small elastic band on the bag around the crossbars and click it onto the bag.

Grocery bag

Spacious bag for your shopping and groceries

Going shopping? The grocery bag is designed to make your shopping and transportation of it easy breezy.

Very spacious

for a full load of groceries or new additions to your wardrobe

Easy open/close system

so you can easily put your groceries into the bag while shopping and unload them when you get home

Room for a tote bag

so you can load your groceries easily in to the bag after check-out and unload it without detaching it from the rollator when arriving home

Easy to clean and maintain

made from wear and weather resistant polyester that can easily be wiped clean

Carbon Ultralight Set

The Carbon Ultralight set includes the Carbon Ultralight rollator – in whichever colour you may choose – along with two of our accessories: the Backrest & the small Organiser bag. The set is perfect for any outdoor adventure; whether it is around the world or just around the corner. With the backrest attached, the Ultralight forms into a chair where you can take a rest – and with the small Organiser bag, you can keep all your necessities close by. If you attach the shoulder strap you can even use the Organiser bag over your shoulder.

  • Ultralight Set · Carbon Black

    Ultralight Set · Carbon Black

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  • Ultralight Set · Oyster White

    Ultralight Set · Oyster White

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  • Ultralight Set · Strawberry Red

    Ultralight Set · Strawberry Red

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Outdoor Rollator Accessories to assist you in your daily activities – and when you’re out exploring.

Whether you are out shopping your daily groceries, travelling, or on a trip with your family, the outdoor rollator accessories have functionalities that are meant to assist you in whatever you do.

Wear and weather resistant

Outdoor rollators need accessories that can handle a little bit of everything. There is a saying that “there is no bad weather – only bad clothing”. We’ve taken this saying very much to heart when designing our range of outdoor rollator accessories to make sure that you are always dressed for the weather when using your Carbon Ultralight. The polyester fabric used for the accessories can handle rain, snow and mud – and should it get too dirty, you can always wipe it clean with a wet cloth or hand wash it. Should you face stormy and windy weather, as we often do in Denmark, the double attachment functions make sure that the bags are securely attached on the rollator.

Multi-purpose use for every occasion and activity

The Shopper bag is the perfect companion for every shopping occasion; whether it is the daily groceries or new clothes. But it can also be used as an overnight bag for when you’re out exploring. The organiser bag is meant for all your most important necessities and things that you need to have close to you when you’re out and about. With the attachable shoulder strap it turns into a small bag so you can take it with you even when you’re not using the rollator.

Functionality + design = the perfect product

We constantly think in both functionality and design when we develop new products. Design is at the core of everything we do, but without functionality the products do not make a difference. We therefore aim to never compromise functionality over design and vice versa. The idea generation and design process is where we lay the foundation for a product that can make a difference for the end user, instead of just being a product that has to solve a problem. Our focus with the outdoor rollator accessories has been to create products that can be used over and over again and for different occasions and activities. The nice design in this case helps to expand the functionalities of the accessories, so you can take your small organiser bag off the rollator and use it as a small travel bag for passports, wallet, etc.

Easy attachment and detachment

It should always be easy to attach and detach your outdoor rollator accessories, so you can easily alter your rollator for every situation. The shopping bag and the organiser bag is easiest to attach when the rollator is collapsed so you can put the two loops on the bag onto the hooks on the rollator with least possible effort. If you are ever in doubt about how to attach the outdoor rollator accessories you can download our brief manuals.