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Is the Carbon Ultralight Rollator really the lightest rollator in the world?

Yes, Carbon Ultralight is the world’s lightest rollator. With 4,8 kg for the fully assembled rollator, this is the only rollator with 4-wheels made for adults (size Medium) that weighs this little. Lightweight exclusive materials such as carbon fiber frames and aluminum folding cross and handle bars allows the rollator to reach its position as the lightest available rollator in the category.

Why do the handles look different than traditional rollators?

The handles on the Carbon Ultralight Rollator are turned in the opposite direction as traditional rollators. This provides a better posture while walking as you can pull the rollator closer to your body and walk upright.

Fun fact: Our idea when designing the handles was that besides being ergonomic, they also had to make you feel good and safe. We therefore formed them in a way so it feels like you are holding someone else’s hand when grabbing on to them.

Can I adjust the handles to fit my height?

Yes, you can. We have replaced the traditional knob with a push button, so the handles can easily be adjusted with just a push of a button. The handles can be adjusted in 30 mm increments from 790 mm to 910 mm.

Will the Carbon Ultralight Rollator fit in the trunk of my car?

The Carbon Ultralight Rollator folds flat and is only 25 cm wide when folded. It can easily be lifted into the trunk of a car and we have yet to encounter a trunk that is has not fit into. The folded measures for the rollator is: 66 x 25 x 80 cm.

Where are the brake cables?

The brakes cables are hidden inside the frame. It is one of the details we’re most proud of. And if you ask us, it is much more than a ‘little detail’ – it is at the core of the sleek design of the Carbon Ultralight. When the cables are hidden inside the frame the expression of the rollator instantly becomes more light and simple – and you avoid the cables getting caught on things.

What is your return policy?

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