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Carbon Ultralight

Carbon Ultralight the world’s lightest rollator. Whether it’s the short way to the nearest grocery store or it’s out and about on adventure, the Ultralight makes it easier to get around in an effortless way.

Carbon Ultralight Accessories


Backrest for your rollator that provides support for your lower back when taking a rest.

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Grocery bag

Grocery Bag

Spacious bag with easy open/close system to carry your groceries and shopping.

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Weekend bag

Spacious bag to take with you on small adventures

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Cane holder – right side

Cane holder for your rollator with drain at the bottom and an easy click-on/click-off system

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Shopper bag – SOLD OUT

Elegant and roomy bag for your shopping and other necessities

Carbon Ultralight Set

The Carbon Ultralight set includes the Carbon Ultralight rollator – in whichever colour you may choose – along with two of our accessories: the Backrest & the small Organiser bag. The set is perfect for any outdoor adventure; whether it is around the world or just around the corner. With the backrest attached, the Ultralight forms into a chair where you can take a rest – and with the small Organiser bag, you can keep all your necessities close by. If you attach the shoulder strap you can even use the Organiser bag over your shoulder.

Scandinavian Butler 

Scandinavian Butler is not only Designed, Engineered and Hand built in the heart of Scandinavia. It is made in Denmark, with our long tradition for classic elegant design and craftsmanship. It’s enhancing your mobility while helping you carrying your necessities around your home.

Scandinavian Butler Accessories

Textile Basket & Wooden Tray used for Scandinavian Butler

Textile Basket & Tray

In a simple and clean design textile meets wood. These accessories helps you transport your things from A to B.

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Textile Basket used on Scandinavian Butler

Textile Basket 

The basket is spacious and can be filled with everything from heavy books to knitting, blankets and more.

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Tray used on Scandinavian Butler


Tray in clear coated wood that helps you carry your coffee, tea or other necessities around the house.

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Scandinavian Butler Set

The indoor set includes the indoor Butler rollator along with the textile basket and wooden tray. It is the perfect set to assist you in your daily activities. The Scandinavian Butler with a tray and basket can function as an extra set of hands while carrying your coffee or tea around, as a small table next to your reading chair – or simply as a stable assistant throughout your home.

Rollators in Scandinavian Design

If you’re looking for rollators where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand you’ve come to the right place. Our rollators are designed, engineered and hand-built in the heart of Scandinavia. We want to provide you with the tools you need to keep moving and exploring – whether it is in your home, neighbourhood or on adventures around the world.

Tools and accessories to keep moving

Mobility is a core value of modern life and at byACRE we want to make sure that mobility will never prevent anyone from keep being mobile and exploring the world around them. Our outdoor and indoor rollators are designed to enhance your mobility – and to make you look stylish while you’re at home or out and about.

Functionality + aesthetics = excellent design

At byACRE functionality and aesthetics equals design and we believe that we have made something where functionality and aesthetics truly go hand in hand. Our philosophy is, that our products have to be more than just a product, and that the product should do more than just solve a problem. They should be innovative and motivating. For us, that happens when you combine functionality with aesthetics. But we never compromise functionality over aesthetics and vice versa.

Extra warranty

We always try to give our products ’a little extra’ – so why not also give it to our customers? If you register your rollator’s serial number on our website within three months after purchase, along with your contact information, you will receive an extra 3 years of warranty on the rollator frame. You can read more about the warranty on our Customer Service page.

User manuals

Functional products are nothing without user-friendliness. We’ve spent a lot of time on making sure that our rollators and accessories are not just functional but also user-friendly. Our user manuals guide you through the different functions and how to attach and detach the accessories. You’ll find the manuals in your box upon receiving your rollator, or in our Customer Service area.

Rollators packed with responsibility

Our motto is to enhance mobility – but we also want to enhance the way we treat our planet.
We therefore recycle as much as we can. Especially in our packaging. That is why we used recycled wrapping in our packaging.

When we receive our frames they are protected by a piece of plastic around the frame, and small plastic pieces in the top and bottom. So we decided to re-use these pieces in our packaging, to reduce waste. The large plastic piece is wrapped around the wheels, to protect them from scratches, and the small plastic pieces are hand-glued to the inside of the box, to protect the edge of the rollators frame.