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Carbon Ultralight

World’s lightest rollator

Carbon Ultralight Accessories

Scandinavian Butler

Scandinavian Butler Accessories

Scandinavian Butler Set

Tools and accessories to keep moving

Mobility is a core value of modern life and at byACRE we want to make sure that mobility will never prevent anyone from keep being mobile and exploring the world around them. Our outdoor and indoor rollators are designed to enhance your mobility – and to make you look stylish while you’re at home or out and about.

Extra warranty

We always try to give our products ’a little extra’ – so why not also give it to our customers? If you register your rollator’s serial number on our website within three months after purchase, along with your contact information, you will receive an extra 3 years of warranty on the rollator frame. You can read more about the warranty on our Customer Service page.

User manuals

Functional products are nothing without user-friendliness. We’ve spent a lot of time on making sure that our rollators and accessories are not just functional but also user-friendly. Our user manuals guide you through the different functions and how to attach and detach the accessories. You’ll find the manuals in your box upon receiving your rollator, or in our Customer Service area.

Functionality + aesthetics = excellent design

At byACRE functionality and aesthetics equals design and we believe that we have made something where functionality and aesthetics truly go hand in hand. Our philosophy is, that our products have to be more than just a product, and that the product should do more than just solve a problem. They should be innovative and motivating. For us, that happens when you combine functionality with aesthetics. But we never compromise functionality over aesthetics and vice versa.