Expansion of the cooperation between RUSSKA and byACRE

“byACRE is a Danish company with the mission to overcome the stigma of reduced human mobility by helping everyone stay active and look great while doing it.

byACRE has been in partnership with RUSSKA for a long time. In close cooperation, the indoor rollator, Scandinavian Butler, has been successfully introduced in the German market.

Recently, the company has also developed one of the lightest rollators in the world, the Carbon Ultralight. This high-end rollator combines quality with an outstanding, sporty design and a weight of less than 5 kg. The design of the Carbon Ultralight symbolizes an active lifestyle and is inspired by sports car and bike design. The lightweight rollator is available in pearl white, strawberry red and black.

byACRE’s Carbon Ultralight rollator was recently launched in Germany by the Norwegian company Topro. Shortly before Christmas 2017, an important change in ownership was announced at Topro. This brought about the opportunity to rethink byACRE’s distribution setup for Germany.

byACRE has now decided to extend the good relationship with RUSSKA. Therefore, RUSSKA will offer the full range of byACRE’s products in the future, in order to reliably supply current and future customers. RUSSKA will offer the complete product portfolio from Monday, 5 February, with delivery of the Carbon Ultralight to retail stores from ultimo February.”