Carbon Ultralight

World lightest rollator at 4,8 kg. Excellent for use in urban environments.

  • Carbon fiber frame, 5x stronger than steel and with lifetime warranty
  • Folds up with a gentle lift in the seat for easy transport and storage
  • Forward-facing ergonomic handles that promote good posture
  • Integrated brakes and easy height adjustment via push button
  • Comes fully assembled. Simply unbox, unfold, click, and go.

Carbon Overland

World’s toughest all-terrain rollator at 6,7 kg. Superb in every outdoor terrain.

  • All terrain rollator with ultra durable pneumatic tires and superb suspension
  • Rigid front forks and sealed bearings that withstands every weather and terrain
  • Carbon fibre frame – 5x stronger than steel
  • Tough yet light weight at only 6,7 kg – for easy lifting into your vehicle
  • Foldable and with a built-in seat
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to explore

Scandinavian Butler

Designed to assist you like a true butler in your home

  • Blends in with your furniture
  • Strong and robust steel frame
  • One-hand only operation of handle and brake
  • 360° maneuverability and stability
  • Designed to get close to your furniture
  • Maximum responsiveness and easy turning
  • Includes a large tray and basket to transport your things around the house