A rollator walker for every adventure

“The Ultralight will be used for eating out, grocery stores and visiting friends.
The Overland will be used daily on my gravel and dirt roads here on the side of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico, USA.

I am very happy with both rollators, thank you all for making both units available.
I am 88 and you have given me my life back!”

– Joanne, USA

Carbon Ultralight

The world’s lightest rollator

  • The perfect urban travel companion, light and easy to handle
  • Folds flat to fit into any car, bus or plane
  • Ergonomic and practical , yet stylish with three different colors to fit any outfit
Carbon Ultralight Carbon Ultralight

Carbon Overland

The world’s toughest rollator

  • An off-road rollator for all adventures
  • Durable pneumatic all-terrain tires for superb suspension
  • Rigid front forks and sealed bearings for any weather and terrain
Carbon Overland Carbon Overland

Scandinavian Butler

World’s most reliable indoor rollator – stylish and stable

  • Designed to assist you like a true butler in your home
  • No compromises in your interior design – It blends in like any other furniture
  • Stable and reliable in all everyday situations
Scandinavian Butler Scandinavian Butler

Nordic Pioneer

  • Scratch-resistant durable frame for a long-lasting look
  • Sustainably produced in Europe
  • Large, soft PUR tires for a smooth ride on any surface
  • A large color assortment with 7 different colors to choose from



Innovative, lightweight rollator walkers
Innovative, lightweight rollator walkers
Innovative, lightweight rollator walkers

On byACRE we have focused on developing the best lightweight rollators, made with super light materials such as carbon fiber, to help everyone maintain an active lifestyle.

Just a few kilograms less on your rollator can make the biggest difference on your life.

The light weight enables a smooth maneuvering experience and a safe and stable walk, while greatly facilitate any lift or transport of your rollator.

... ultimate for an outdoor, urban lifestyle

… ultimate for an outdoor, urban lifestyle

... ultimate for an outdoor, urban lifestyle

byACRE’s rollator walkers are designed to meet all needs for everyday convenience and mobility.

Because of the light weight, ultimate shock absorption and tough rubber wheels, the rollator walkers easily glides along sidewalks, cobblestone, grass, airport floors and even compact sand beaches.

The sturdiest and toughest outdoor walker is our Carbon Overland, that is more for the adventurer or traveler that might encounter rougher terrain such as snow, hills and mountains and high grass.