Ultralight Travel bag


Wear-resistant, padded and sturdy material
with an elegant and soft lining inside for optimal protection

Carry-handle and shoulder strap
for easy transportation in airports, busses, trains or cruise ships

Integrated protection pad
so the wheels and axles are protected during transport

Perfect custom fit
for the best protection possible

NB: Does not fit Carbon Overland


The travel bag for the Carbon Ultralight is a must-have for adventurers who wish to keep their rollator safe and scratch-free during travels.

It is custom-made to fit the dynamic shapes and sleek design of the Carbon Ultralight rollator. The perfect fit makes it easy to place the rollator in the bag and protects the rollator in all the right places. For added protection we have also integrated a protection pad that is placed between the wheels to protect the axles from scratches during transport.

The outer material is sturdy and wear-resistant and the grey melange colour makes it difficult to spot dirt marks. The travel bag is padded and lined with an elegant and soft lining that keeps the rollator well protected on the inside as well.

With the carry-handle and the shoulder strap there are more than one way to transport your Carbon Ultralight on adventures. It is actually just a question of preference.

Additional information


820 g


72 cm


85 cm


21 cm