Butler · Patina Green
Butler · Patina GreenButler · Patina GreenButler · Patina Green

Butler · Patina Green


Wherever you need to go, or whatever you need to do in and around your home, the Scandinavian Butler is there to assist you.

Functional design
that allows you to get close to your furniture, table tops and appliances

Robust and solid frame
that gives great stability and comes in 4 matte and modern colours

Easy height adjustment in 28 mm increments
without any tools – you simply turn the knob on the sides and pull the handle upwards or downwards

Soft and independently turning wheels
gives you a smooth ride and functions as soft bumpers

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Product Description

The Scandinavian Butler Rollator in Patina Green is inspired by the green colours found in trees, plants and grass. It adds a sense of nature directly into your home – and it has a strong, almost bold expression while emitting a sense of summer and spring.

The handle is one of the details that we have worked the most on. Besides guaranteeing a good posture and a soft, comfortable grip it also had to follow the shape of the frame and compliment the frame colours and the home in a subtle and natural way. The choice of material quickly fell on textile leather, because it is found in many homes and have a natural, yet raw look, while being extremely nice to touch. The handle is shaped on one, fluent piece, that follows the lines from the rollator frame, and makes it easy for the user to enjoy the support from the rollator while only having one hand on the handle. That way the other hand is free to assist in the daily activities.

The soft, independently turning wheels are yet another one of those small details that makes a difference. The wheels on the Butler are examples of where the Scandinavian furniture design inspiration really comes through. They are inspired by a Danish designer, who has invented the wheels found on office chairs. Besides being coated with soft polymer and securing a smooth manoeuvring, the wheels also underline the soft, curvy lines of the Butler.

Materials, textures and colours have been key in making the Butler fit seamlessly into the homey environments at home. The frame colours each have their own tone and style but are kept in a matte finish so they are toned down just a bit. The matte frames are complimented by the steel handlebars, the raw textile leather handle and the matte texture on the aluminium brake handle.

Additional Information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 63.3 × 58.8 × 85 cm

Patina Green

Handle height

85-99,1 cm




63,3 cm


8,5 kg

User height

150-200 cm

User weight

Max 150 kg


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