Grocery bag


Going shopping? The grocery bag is designed to make your shopping and transportation of it easy breezy.

Very spacious
for a full load of groceries or new additions to your wardrobe

Easy open/close system
so you can easily put your groceries into the bag while shopping and unload them when you get home

Room for a tote bag
so you can load your groceries easily in to the bag after check-out and unload it without detaching it from the rollator when arriving home

Easy to clean and maintain
made from wear and weather resistant polyester that can easily be wiped clean

NB: Does not fit Compact Track model


The grocery bag for the Carbon Ultralight Rollator is perfect for any type of shopping.

With the easy open/close system you can without difficulty fill it with items while walking around in the supermarket, unload it at check-out and transport it home.

With a tote bag or plastic bag inside it is easy to unload the groceries when you get home without having to detach the grocery bag from the rollator.

Made from wear and weather resistant polyester that can easily be wiped clean. It has a classy look and can be folded so it doesn’t take up a lot of space while you’re not using it.

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg

300 g


39 cm


35 cm


14 cm


15 litres

Load capacity

5 kg