Ultralight Set · Carbon Black
Ultralight Set · Carbon BlackUltralight Set · Carbon Black

Ultralight Set · Carbon Black


Perfect for adventures around the world or just around the corner. 

Only 4.8 kg
Making it the World’s lightest outdoor rollator

Ergonomic, reversed handles
to secure a good posture and stability.

Comes fully assembled
So you’re ready to use it right away

Includes a small Organiser-bag
Ideal for all your small necessities

Includes backrest 
to offer support for your back while sitting

Product Description

The Carbon Ultralight Rollator set in Carbon Black provides you with everything you need for an adventure around the world or just around the corner.

With the Backrest and small Organiser bag you can easily take a rest, go for a small stroll or a on adventure. The Backrest is easy to attach and gives great support for you lower back and the Organiser bag keeps your personal belongings and small necessities close by. With the attachable shoulder strap it can also be used over the shoulder.

Carbon Black is a classic. The colour is inspired by the deep black colour often seen on fast cars and bicycles. It has a glossy finish and is perfect to compliment and highlight you and your style!

Additional Information

Weight 5.05 kg
Dimensions 70 × 26 × 80 cm

Carbon Black

Rollator weight

4,8 kg

Seat width

42 cm


62,5 cm

Width (folded)

25 cm

Handle height

79-91 cm


66 cm

User weight

Max 130 kg


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