Backrest – Sand


To better facilitate a rest while out on a trip, we have designed a backrest that supports your lower back while sitting on the seat of your rollator.

  • Comfortable backrest that gives support for your lower back
  • Easy to attach and detach, with height options for a personal fit
  • Can be used in every type of weather


While you are out strolling, a comfortable rest is a must. We have perfected the seat on the Carbon Ultralight rollator by adding an easily attachable, and detachable, backrest.

The shape of the backrest is designed to simulate a chair back so it is both comfortable and provides support to your lower back. The attachment also provides height options, making it height adjustable for the best personal fit.

The material is made out of PE, which is a lightweight and durable thermoplastic. This makes the backrest both soft, stable – and weather resistant.

Size / color guide (light grey):

The light grey backrest is designed to match the colors of the plastic parts on the Carbon Ultralight Rollator, but it can also be used on the Carbon Overland (in size L).

For the Carbon Overland we recommend the dark grey backrest (LINK), as this matches the colors of the Carbon Overland.

Additional information

Weight0.15 kg

210 g


85 cm (S/M), 89 cm (L)


15 cm


0.35 cm






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