Outdoor Rollator

Carbon Ultralight

The world’s lightest outdoor rollator


Our Carbon Ultralight is the world’s lightest outdoor rollator and perfect for adventures around the world or just around the corner.

Carbon fibre frame

Carbon fibre frame – a lightweight, strong, and shock-absorbing material for a rollator that is easy to transport and lift, and gives you stability and great support.

Ergonomic handles

to secure a good posture and stability.

Easy height adjustment

in 30mm increments. We have replaced the traditional knob with a button you simply need to push before adjusting the handles. Once the height is found, the handles will click into a locked position.

Shock-absorbing tires and construction

– because a smooth and comfortable ride is important. Besides the shock-absorbing carbon fibre frame, we have also put 4 soft, shock-absorbing tires on the Carbon Ultralight.

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A tool to keep moving

Carbon Ultralight is our one and only outdoor rollator. It has no siblings simply because it is designed to meet your every need for an outdoor rollator. It is lightweight, foldable, shock absorbing and has ergonomic handles – and it comes with a range of accessories for enhanced functionality. And if you haven’t already noticed, it also has a smooth and simple design that will make your neighbour jealous. It can, of course, also be used indoors.

Mobility is a cherished value in modern life. At byACRE we want to contribute to this by giving you the tools you need to keep moving – so you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. In style, of course. Our outdoor rollator, the Carbon Ultralight, is a transportation vehicle just as your bike or car – and it should therefore also be fast, light and have all the functionalities necessary for a smooth ride. That’s exactly what we had in mind while designing it.

For every stroll, trip or adventure

The shock-absorbing properties in both the frame and the wheels on the Carbon Ultralight helps give you a smooth ride no matter the surface. You can therefore bring it wherever you need. The light weight makes it easy to manoeuvre and carry up stairs and over other obstacles. Whether you are walking along the Seine in Paris, the cobblestone streets of Prague or on the streets in your neighbourhood the Carbon Ultralight will provide a smooth ride.

What makes the Carbon Ultralight special? It’s all in the details.

Our design process always begins with thorough research. We want to make sure that we have even the smallest details with us when we are designing.

Kerb lifter

One of our first discoveries was that outdoor rollators often are difficult to lift over low steps and kerbs. So even though the light weight of the Carbon Ultralight makes it easier to lift, we also placed a kerb lifter on the frame next to the rear wheels. You simply press down on the kerb lifter with your foot and pull slightly in the handles to lift the front wheels.

Ergonomic handles – like holding someone’s hand

The handles on outdoor rollators are quite different from rollator to rollator and they should always be ergonomic, so you have a good grip. For us it was important that you had more than just a good, ergonomic grip – we always wanted you to feel safe and have a nice feeling when placing your hands on the handle. And what better feeling is there than holding someone else’s hand in yours? We have shaped the handles to give you that exact feeling.

Shaped to be fast and look cool

We wanted to make a rollator that was more than just functional. Like any other transportation vehicle it should also look nice – cool even. Because style never goes out of style. The shape of the Carbon Ultralight is inspired by bicycle, aviation and sports car design. It has a dynamic shape that originates from the shape of fast moving animals, like sharks and falcons – and it symbolises an active lifestyle.

Hidden brake cables

Brake cables on outdoor rollators are often protruding and causes rollator users to get stuck on things. We therefore decided to put the cables inside the frame to prevent this and give the Carbon Ultralight a cleaner and simpler look.

Functionality + design = the perfect product

In our opinion functionality and design cannot exclude one another; they have to be united if you want to make a product that makes a difference. Even though design is at the core of almost everything we do, the design has to be functional. We always aim to never compromise functionality over design and vice versa. We aim to produce rollators that does not only solve a problem but are also motivating and make a difference for the user. With the Carbon Ultralight we wanted to create a rollator that was different and innovative and would make a difference for the end-user. We never thought we would make a product that is directly motivating, but that is what we hear from our customers. The design and functionality on the Carbon Ultralight motivates people to keep moving, and keep exploring.

Quality control and testing is key

Quality and testing is at the core of our production process. All our rollators are assembled at our headquarters in Denmark, where they undergo a strict quality control by our competent production staff. This is our guarantee that you get a quality product. Our parts have all been thoroughly tested to make sure we don’t make any promises that we can’t keep.