Nordic Pioneer

Versatile, lightweight & innovative aluminum rollator walker


The Nordic Pioneer


  • A next-generation rollator made from eco-friendly materials
  • Lightweight at only 5,9 kg
  • Bump-proof EPP & aluminum frame for any encounter
  • Large, low-friction wheels for mixed terrain
  • Easily foldable for easy transport & storage
  • Forward-facing ergonomic handles for good posture
  • Comes fully assembled & ready to use


“I was able to take the longest walk I have taken in many years. The wheels are incredible as they absorb a lot more shock from surface changes. The Nordic Pioneer is very easy to fold and to get in and out of cabs and cars. It’s a truly brilliant design and a joy to use.”

Angela, Spain


German Design Award Winner 2024


Even medically stigmatized products can be counted as great designs, as long as one cares enough to combine aesthetics and functionality.

“The ‘Nordic Pioneer Rollator’ surprises with a refreshingly modern design language. With its dynamic curved lines, it makes a sporty impression and inspires a desire to get out and about, which is further enhanced by its light weight, good ergonomics, and good maneuverability.”

– Jury Statement of the German Design Award


Lightweight, aluminum rollator walker

Looking for a rollator that can handle being put to the test through any everyday activity? You found it!

The Nordic Pioneer has all the classic benefits of a byACRE rollator walker: Lightweight, forward-facing handles, easily foldable, and a comfortable built-in seat.

But we’ve gone a bit further this time, adding:

  • Strong, resilient, and scratch-resistant EPP frame
  • Strong, durable aluminum
  • Large, shock-absorbing, low-friction wheels

A lightweight revolution in mobility

A regular rollator walker weighs around 10 kg, making it difficult to handle in your everyday life.

That’s why we build lightweight rollators. We believe that lightweight is the key to an active, versatile life!

Lifting your rollator in and out of the car, train, or bus, walking up the stairs to your friend’s apartment, or simply maneuvering the curbs while shopping.

The lightweight of the Nordic Pioneer gives you that freedom and conserves your strength.

Are you in for a different rollator walker experience?


The ultimate rollator stability starts here!


Yes, lightweight is the key. But we haven’t put lightweight before stability!

With its weight evenly distributed, there are no tipping points.

The forward-facing handles give you optimal control by having the Nordic Pioneer close to your body.

In addition, the wheels provide stability by resisting rapid turns.

This prevents wobbly walks and supports a smooth, comfortable walking experience.


Your always-reserved-for-you seat


A front-row seat wherever you are – the discrete built-in seat is your personal space.

Give those envious eyes of passers-by the cold shoulder when sitting on this sturdy, stain-proofed material.

Even bad weather days are no challenge for it thanks to the water-resistant fabric.


“I’ve always felt like rollators were for ‘old people’, so I was never comfortable using one.
Until I saw the Nordic pioneer, and the way you guys use ‘younger’ models really encouraged me.

So I caved and bought it. I tried it by going to the zoo, something I’d normally never dare to walk. And it felt great!

I was able to walk for 4 hours without major pain or feeling unstable. I haven’t been able to do that since I was 15.”

Megan, The Netherlands

(Un)Fold the rollator walker in seconds

Sometimes, a rollator walker can be a bit impractical, can’t it? The Nordic Pioneer has you covered!

Like its friends, the Nordic Pioneer is easy to fold. No more long and difficult pulling, pushing, or unlocking – it only takes a few seconds to fold and unfold.

Storing the Nordic Pioneer in the car? No problem! Carrying it up the stairs? Go for it! Tight spaces? Don’t worry about it!

Redefined with physiotherapists’ expertise

Say goodbye to discomfort while using your aluminum rollator walker and hello to a new standard of comfort!

To achieve this, we designed our rollator walker together with physiotherapists to ensure the best walking experience with your Nordic Pioneer.

Column image

Upright posture

The soft, forward-facing handles allow you to be close to the rollator, supporting a straightened back and minimizing the pressure on your shoulders, neck, and back.

Column image

Adjustable handles

An easy-to-push button lets you adjust the height of the handles quickly. With four height settings, the handle height goes from 84 to 94 cm.

Column image

Smooth walking

The ergonomic handles, large, soft wheels, and dynamic, arrow-shaped frame are specially designed for you to walk with ease, every day and everywhere.

Why do large, low-friction tires matter?

Why do large, low-friction tires matter? Why do large, low-friction tires matter?

When every journey is an adventure, you will be happy about the Nordic Pioneers’ large, soft PUR tires – making it an extremely versatile all-around rollator walker.

Let us tell you why the tires matter:

  • Durability for long-lasting performance
  • Great shock absorption on uneven terrain
  • Excellent traction on every surface
  • Sealed glide bearings prevent wobbling
  • Puncture-proof for unhindered walking

We carefully selected a tire size that lies between the Carbon Ultralight and Carbon Overland to provide a perfect ratio of stability and enhanced maneuverability.


Shock-absorption at its best

Twice is better than once! We want you to have the best experience when going for a walk, on a shopping spree, or meeting your friends in that new restaurant you always wanted to try out.

Therefore, the Nordic Pioneer covers shock absorption twice:

  • The large, soft PUR tires catch the effects of different surfaces,
    from bumpy cobblestones to sometimes slippery restaurant floors.
  • The EPP frame absorbs any bump-ins on your way.
    Its multi-impact resistance leaves only a small bounce for you to feel.

YES, a bump-proof frame!


Sometimes that doorframe was closer than you thought, the chair in the café was in the way, or the bushes grew far into the sidewalk.

The ultra-durable, multi-impact resistant EPP material keeps your rollator walker scratch-free and helps to protect your body from a hard crash when bumping into things.

A truly innovative frame that will tempt you to get the most out of your day. Are you up for the challenge?

Another sustainability declaration?

Not quite. We don’t see ourselves as a sustainable company – yet! Yes, that’s quite daring to say in today’s time. But hear us out:

We don’t consider ourselves saints simply by introducing more environmentally responsible materials and designs. We see it as a natural consequence of being a responsible company. And we consider it common sense to focus on alternative solutions to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Therefore, we are dedicated to improving our practices through innovation and being ahead of the industry standard:

  • EPP & aluminum: Materials that can be fully repurposed and possess strong, highly durable characteristics
  • Recycled material: Produced with low CO2 emission using renewable energy to be repurposed after use
  • Innovative design: Interchangeable EPP frame prolongs the rollator’s lifetime instead of replacing the rollator due to scratches and bumps

The Nordic Pioneer is our most eco-friendly rollator walker. It represents the balance of innovation, functionality, and environmental consciousness – a first step in the right direction!




A rollator walker’s best friend

In our search for new materials, aluminum became the obvious choice for us. Why so? Its properties are just what we were looking for:

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Strong & durable
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Long lifecycle by being infinitely recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly

This makes our Nordic Pioneer versatile and keeps its weight to a minimum without compromising with our high-quality standards.

EPP = Expanded Polypropylene

Yes, we know. It’s a bit difficult to pronounce. Let’s stick with EPP. But what is this often-mentioned EPP?

EPP is an exceptionally versatile closed-cell bead foam.

Take a look at its cool, unique properties:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Lightweight material
  • Energy absorption & multi-impact resistance
  • Water & chemical resistant
  • High strength-to-weight ratio

The Nordic Pioneer is the first rollator walker using EPP, making it a highly durable, versatile, lightweight rollator.


Mesmerizing colors

Let’s bring in some fun and playfulness! The color scheme and design of the Nordic Pioneer is bold, unique, and innovative.

Thousands of small beads create an almost opalescent, shimmering surface and color. Combined with the structured, wavy design, the color shifts. It depends on how the light shines on you and your Nordic Pioneer and how close or distant you are.


Glacier Green

Inspired by majestic glaciers, this color is an ode to nature. The sparkling combination of shades of bright green and white makes it an eye-catching, unique rollator walker color.

Granite Black

Inspired by the natural, crystalline rock, Granite Black is on first sight… black. But not quite so! The many beads of the EPP material create a vibrant look of different shades of black.

Safety first:  Know your rollator brakes

Don’t forget to enjoy the little things in life – such as your rollator walker brakes. They guarantee a safe walk with your Nordic Pioneer and are easy to use.

Pull the brake levers up to stop your rollator from moving and take in the fantastic view. Press the levers down to activate the parking mode.

Now you can even take full advantage of the built-in seat for little daydreaming moments.

Fun fact: The brakes on the Nordic Pioneer have a simplicity that makes them durable and easy to adjust.

Comes fully assembled

Buying a rollator walker online has never been easier.

Unbox, unfold, adjust height, and let’s go!


Product specifications


Weight: 5,9 kg

Handle height: 84 – 94 cm

Width between handles: 43 – 43,5 cm

Grip to brake: 6,2 cm

Seat height: 61,5 cm

Seat width: 47 cm

Max user weight: 100 kg

Wheel diameter: 22,5 cm

Width (folded): 24 cm

Length: 69 cm

Material: EPP, recycled high-quality aluminum


The choice is yours: Find the best fit for you!

Breaking down the stigma

Breaking down the stigma Breaking down the stigma

We at byACRE are constantly exploring new ways of breaking down the stigma attached to using a rollator walker.

Society’s and the industry’s perception of what a rollator user should look like is not only wrong, but it hinders people’s ability to live a more active lifestyle.

That’s why we used rollator users within the byACRE community, who share our mission, as our models in the photo shoot for the Nordic Pioneer.

We challenge people’s perception of rollator users with bold, innovative images and by guiding them to the model’s private social media account.

We take responsibility for showing an honest representation of the rollator walker community.

Be part of the movement and help us break down the stigma!

Up for new adventures? Why not travel?

The Nordic Pioneer takes you places… so why don’t you take it somewhere? Its lightweight aluminum frame, foldability, large and puncture-proof wheels, and built-in seat support you in your dream location.

It’s all about having a great time, and our travel pros have just the right tips for you: