Nordic Pioneer

Versatile, light weight and eco-friendly


A durable and versatile companion for all everyday activities

A durable and versatile companion for all everyday activities A durable and versatile companion for all everyday activities
  • A next-generation rollator made from eco-friendly materials
  • Lightweight at only 5,9 kg
  • Bump-proof EPP frame that is ready for any encounter
  • Large, low-friction wheels ensures a smooth ride on any terrain
  • Folds up with a gentle lift in the seat for easy transport and storage
  • Forward-facing ergonomic handles that promote good posture
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use – Simply unbox, unfold, click, and go

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    Lightweight, next-generation rollator walker

    Mindfully designed to handle all activities, terrain, and bump-ins

    Looking for a rollator that can handle being put to the test through any everyday activity? Look no further.

    The Nordic Pioneer rollator walker has all the classic benefits of a byACRE rollator: Light weight, forward-facing, ergonomic handles, easy folding and a comfortable built-in seat.

    But we’ve gone a bit further this time, adding:

    • Strong, resilient EPP frame that is scratch-resistant, shock-absorbing and easy to interchange, to ensure a comfortable walk or bump-in’s and to prolong the lifetime of the rollator.
    • Large, shock-absorbing, low friction tires that provide excellent maneuverability when walking, even when the surface is slippery or smooth.

    Making the Nordic Pioneer an extremely versatile all-round rollator walker.


    A lightweight rollator and a stable stride

    A lightweight rollator and a stable stride A lightweight rollator and a stable stride

    As its friends, the Nordic Pioneer is lightweight. We believe lightweight is key for an active and versatile lifestyle.

    Besides making walks smoother and maneuvering easier – and conserving your strength while walking up or downhills – it also makes it possible to transport the rollator up stairs, into cars, buses, or trains.

    But we haven’t put lightweight before stability. The weight of the rollator is evenly distributed so there are no easy tipping points, and the forward-facing handles gives you optimal control as you can pull the rollator close to your body.

    Everything to ensure a stable and safe walk.

    (Un)Fold the rollator in seconds

    (Un)Fold the rollator in seconds

    (Un)Fold the rollator in seconds

    Sometimes a rollator can be a bit impractical, don’t you think? Especially when storing it in the car, carrying it up stairs – or in tight spaces.

    The Nordic Pioneer has you covered! Like its friends, the Nordic Pioneer rollator walker is easy to fold, helping you through every impractical situation you encounter. No more long and difficult pulling, pushing, or unlocking – it only takes a few seconds to fold and unfold.

    Folded or unfolded, the Nordic Pioneer is right there with you, rolling with you every day no matter the activity.

    Walk, sit, repeat - comfortably.

    Walk, sit, repeat – comfortably.

    Walk, sit, repeat - comfortably.

    Imagine being able to sit down comfortably, wherever you are and whenever you need to. With the discrete built-in seat, it’s a reality. And don’t mind the envious eyes of passers-by who aren’t able to do the same.

    The Nordic Pioneer rollator walker is offering you a helping hand with its seat made from sturdy, structured and stain-proof material. You can sit with comfort and take a break when needed, or simply enjoy your surroundings.

    Psst… the seat’s material is even water-resistant, perfect for all the bad-weather days.

    Large, soft, low friction tires for a smooth ride on any surface

    Large, soft, low friction tires for a smooth ride on any surface Large, soft, low friction tires for a smooth ride on any surface

    The Nordic Pioneer features large, soft PUR tires, making it an extremely versatile all-round rollator walker where every journey is a new adventure.

    • Durable tires that offer long-lasting performance
    • Great shock-absorption properties on uneven terrains
    • Excellent traction on every surface
    • Sealed glide bearings that handle any weather and prevent wobbling when walking
    • Almost as comfortable to walk with as pneumatic tires, but puncture-proof

    We carefully selected a tire size that lies between our Carbon Ultralight and Carbon Overland models to provide a perfect ratio of stability and enhanced maneuverability.


    Shock-absorption at its best

    It (should) goes without saying, that the Nordic Pioneer rollator walker is shock-absorbing to ensure a comfortable walk. Whether you’re strolling down the streets to enjoy a walk, do some shopping in the city or you’re headed to a bar to meet your friends, it’s important that the ride is comfortable.

    The EPP frame is an excellent shock absorber, and with its multiple impact resistance it’ll leave only a small bounce for you to feel, should you encounter any bump-ins on your way.

    The large and soft PUR tires offers almost the same comfortable experience as pneumatic tires, but have the advantage that they’re puncture proof. They provide excellent driving comfort on almost any surface – and especially on the uneven paths.

    Bump-proof frame:
    Ideal for all everyday bump-ins

    Bump-proof frame: 
Ideal for all everyday bump-ins Bump-proof frame: 
Ideal for all everyday bump-ins

    There is no holding back with the Nordic Pioneer. The frame made of EPP – an ultra-durable and multiple impact resistant material, that provides the rollator from getting scratches no matter what type of encounter.

    Bump into your car, furniture, or your next soulmate – the frame won’t leave any clear scratches.

    The EPP frame will absorb the shock, leaving just a small bounce and preventing your body to experience a hard crash.

    A truly innovative frame that will tempt you to get the most out of your day. Are you up for the challenge?

    An eco-friendly new friend

    An eco-friendly new friend

    An eco-friendly new friend

    The Nordic Pioneer is our most eco-friendly and responsible product. It represents a careful balance between innovation, functionality, and environmental consciousness.

    By exploring new materials and design approaches, we have created a rollator that not only meets the highest standards of performance but also minimizes its ecological footprint.

    The frame of the Nordic Pioneer is a mix of aluminum and EPP – both strong and highly durable materials with a long life cycle.

    They contain recycled waste, can be fully and forever repurposed after use, and they are produced with low CO2 emission using renewable energy.

    EPP = Expanded Polypropylene

    Yes we know, it’s a bit difficult to pronounce. So let’s just stick with EPP. We’ve mentioned EPP a couple of times now and figured a more thorough description is probably due. So let’s get specific:

    EPP is an exceptionally versatile closed-cell bead foam.

    It has a wide range of unique properties, including excellent energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, water and chemical resistance, particularly high strength-to-weight ratio and 100% recyclability.

    Thus, a wide range of really cool properties to use for a rollator frame. For us, the main advantages is the durability and resistance along with the exceptional low weight of the material. Making it possible for us to create a really durable, versatile and low weight rollator walker.

    EPP = Expanded Polypropylene EPP = Expanded Polypropylene
    Crystalline colours to spice up your style

    With the Nordic Pioneer we wanted to do something even more fun and playful with the color scheme. The frame material, EPP, is already quite unique because it consists of thousands of small beads, thereby creating a surface and colors that are almost opalescent and shimmering.

    This shimmering and opalescent surface along with the structured, wavy structure of the frame makes for truly unique colors that shift depending on which lighting you’re in and how far or close you’re looking at it from.


    Granite Black
    Granite Black
    Granite Black

    Inspired by the natural and crystalline rock, the Granite Black is in many ways a classic black colour, but the many beads in the EPP materials makes for a vibrant colour that consists of a mixture of a lot of different shades of black.

    Glacier Green
    Glacier Green
    Glacier Green

    Inspired by the marvelous colours of glaciers, this bright and eye-catching colour is an ode to nature and to standing out in the crowd. Nearly sparkling mixes of different shades of bright green and white makes for a truly unique rollator colour.

    Product specifications


    5,9 kg

    Handle height 

    84 – 94 cm

    Grip to brake

    6,2 cm

    Seat height

    61,5 cm

    Seat width

    47 cm

    Max user weight

    130 kg

    Wheel diameter

    22,5 cm

    Width (folded)

    26,5 cm


    72,5 cm