Honored with the German Design Award 2024


The Nordic Pioneer sky-rocketed and has exceeded our expectations! We’re thrilled that our efforts and approach towards an innovative, forward-thinking design have been recognized.

Our newcomer took first place in the field of Excellent Product Design – Medical Rehabilitation and Health Care.

This recognition proves: Even medically stigmatised products can be counted as great design, as long as one cares enough to combine aesthetics and functionality.


“The ‘Nordic Pioneer Rollator’ surprises with a refreshingly modern design language. With its dynamic curved lines, it makes a sporty impression and inspires a desire to get out and about, which is further enhanced by its light weight, good ergonomics, and good maneuverability.”

– Jury Statement of the German Design Award 

The German Design Awards are the premium prize of the German Design Council which has been operating since 1953 as one of the world’s leading centers of expertise in communication and knowledge transfer within design, branding, and innovation.

With its global scope and international appeal, the German Design Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries. Since 2012, the German Design Awards have been identifying key design trends, presenting them to a broad public, and honoring them.

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