Welcome to the byACRE universe

Welcome to the byACRE universe Welcome to the byACRE universe

User stories

User stories User stories

Through our customer service and our social media channels, we receive numerous reviews from customers about their experiences with their rollators, that we of course would like to share.

Featured Stories


What does the media think of byACRE?

Read highlighted sections from articles where byACRE has been featured, plus interviews with our CEO, who talks about the story behind byACRE.

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Financial times

« The byACRE red carbon Ultralight rollator is so sleek I’d happily roll it into Celine while shopping. »

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« Jakobson’s new carbon-fiber walker mingles with totems of her life and interests. »

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Danish Magazine ‘Hendes Verden’

“When you’ve experienced falling and seriously hurting yourself, you are not sorry about having to use your rollator.  I am so happy to have it.”

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“It was obvious there was a serious lack of design within this industry. The existing companies looked at users as patients – not people with hopes and dreams.”

Rollator Talks

We asked three Ultralight users to tell us their stories about using a rollator. In their interviews they talk about topics such as acceptance, overcoming ignorance, getting noticed and how style matters. See what they had to say:

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Uli from Germany

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Angelika from Germany

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Janneke from the Netherlands

Stories from an expert

What do the Physical Therapist say about byACRE?
We have talked to MS Specialist and Physical Therapist Doctor Gretchen, and gathered all her best videos, guides and advice:

Featuring Dr. Gretchen

Physical Therapist & MS Specialist

Travel Stories

We have talked to four of our most experienced rollator travellers and asked them to share their experience and travel tips on traveling with a rollator.

Awards and acknowledgments

byACRE are happy and proud winners of multiple awards. Read about which ones in the press releases below:

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MS Stories

During MS Awareness month 2022 we talked to some MS warriors, to hear their stories and their experience of having MS and a rollator. Read what they had to say!

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Nora, North Carolina (USA)

“It is not just about what I need, it is about what I need to project to the rest of the world.

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Robert, Leeds (UK)

“My three girls give me a reason to remain as healthy as possible”

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Tricia, Switzerland

« I wanted to make a statement: walking aids can be cool and sexy, they do not need to be boring. »

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Michael, South Carolina, (USA)

« For my upcoming nuptials, I plan to stand proudly using my byACRE while the bride walks down the aisle.”