Travel Stories

Verna from Austin, Texas

We have talked to some of our most experienced rollator travelers and asked them to share their experience and travel tips.  This is Verna’s story:

Verna is an artist from Austin, Texas in USA. Her artistry started when she was 34, after she got diagnosed with MS:

“I have been painting since 1998. When I was 32 I had a life-altering experience. Through painting I have found a way to give completely of myself. It shows those I love, who I am, how I feel, and fully exposes my heart. This gives me peace.

I began painting at 34, I was drawn to colors, flowers, life…..I’ve been looking for answers as to why I have suddenly been given this gift. What can I do with it to make a difference?”


Today, her beautiful oil paintings of flower take her all over the country. .

“Travel has been very easy and enjoyable with my byACRE rollator. Pat (my rollator) has been my amazing assistant! So lightweight, agile, and able to travel anywhere. I get to be independent – I love it.

The last trip I did was to Orlando, when I was transporting oil paintings to a customer. Our future trips to Albuquerque, NM and Sedona, AZ will be similar. In January 2023, we are taking a trip to Maui, Hawaii. I have checked with my airline, and I will be able to use my rollator the entire walk to the entrance of the plane. At that point, I will quickly pack it in the travel bag and they will put it in the cargo storage for the flight. When we land in Maui, I will get it back from the cargo hull and I will unpack the rollator – then off I will go to a tropical paradise.

I’m so excited! Thanks to my byACRE rollator and Travel bag, I still have the freedom to travel the world.”

Verna’s travel tips: 
  • Get a note from your doctor about why you need a rollator. Laminate the note and attach it to the travel bag. Have an extra for your reference, just in case. 


  • Label your rollator “Fragile Handle with Care” with your contact information. 


  • Practice packing your rollator quickly. Practice, practice, practice. 


  • Travel with a friend if possible, two is better than one. 


  • Enjoy and relax. It’s easy to do. Safe travels.