Go explore with a byACRE outdoor rollator walker

With a byACRE outdoor rollator walker it’s not the rollator that sets the limit where to go – it’s you.

Go explore and live an active, fearless life where your rollator is always there to assist you.

Read what our ByACRE users are saying

“I am writing to tell you how much I love my Carbon Ultralight rollator! It is strong, light, and looks good too.  With the travel bag it travels very well on airplanes. 

This past week it helped me to enjoy a stroll, and a little off-trail trek, on the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.  Thank you for engineering tools that allow us to have great adventures too!”

Carole, USA


Carbon Ultralight

“She is strong and likes to travel. She is great on packed sand and rocky, uneven soil. I am so appreciative of Effy (my Overland) as she widens the areas in which I can be mobile!”

Betsy, USA


Carbon Overland

Discover the outdoor rollator for your needs

When choosing a rollator walker, consider where you’ll be using it the most. Do you need your rollator for a walk down the street in your neighborhood, or do you like traveling further, perhaps going for trips in the woods or to the beach? 

How far do you go?

Whether you are performing your regular work day or going on a longer outing, byACRE’s innovative mobility aids make every type of trip easy and convenient. 

We recommend to choose a rollator walker model that first and foremost suits your everyday life, and then consider your travel needs.

The Carbon Ultralight model is recommended for the city explorer, while the Carbon Overland is the preferred choice for an outdoor adventurer and traveler.

The Nordic Pioneer is perfect for all everyday activities, even the messiest ones. 

Off road adventure…

The Carbon Overland is the perfect outdoor, all terrain rollator walker.

It has large, inflatable and ultra-durable tires and rigid front forks with sealed bearings, which endures the toughest terrain. Such as grass, sand and snow for example.

Its larger wheels with maximum shock absorption allow for ultimate maneuvering and safety over all terrain you might encounter, such as cobblestone, gravel roads and sand.

…or a nice city stroll

If you are more likely to move over even ground or in the city, the Carbon Ultralight is a better option. Its smaller wheels have a tighter turning radius, which is better suited for maneuvering your rollator in the city.

The Nordic Pioneer is the perfect all purpose rollator, for both indoors and outdoor city strolls.  

The softness and comfort of the PUR tires are ideal for urban areas. The featherlight weight of the Carbon Ultralight allow you to easy lift it over stairs and get around in the city.

Effortless foldability

All byACRE’s outdoor rollator walkers are easy foldable and made of light weight materials to facilitate an everyday life.

The lightweight rollators fold easy in just a few seconds and keeps folded when lifted, so you can easily carry it with you.

The foldability and light weight facilitates heavy and troublesome lifts for seniors and everyone that are challenged on their mobility.

The byACRE’s Carbon Overland and Carbon Ultralight both folds flat and are only 25 cm wide when folded. Therefore, the rollators will easily fit in any car, train, boat or airplane.

Our design on the wheels

Perhaps one of the main differences between byACRE’s Carbon Ultralight, Carbon Overland and Nordic Pioneer is the wheels.

Large, ultra durable rubber pneumatic tires

To make the Carbon Overland be able to conquer all sorts of terrain, we had to make sure it had really strong and durable tires with maximum shock-absorption.

The pneumatic rubber tires are large, durable and rigid and to gives a tougher look, and a safer walk.

Along with the tires the rollator walker have strong,  rigid front forks that ensure that mamixmum shock absorbance to handle the toughest terrain with safety.

Smaller, PUR, puncture proof wheels

The Carbon Ultralight and Nordic Pioneer comes with slightly smaller wheels, which gives a tighter turning radius, and is better suited for strolls in the city and everyday activities.

The PUR wheels are soft and sleek and puncture proof for a safe and stable walk.


Take a seat


All byACRE’s outdoor rollator walker comes with a convenient and comfortable built in seat,

so you don’t have to compromise your adventures or everyday activities with your need to rest.


Manage outdoor terrain like a champion

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The beach

Do you miss going to the beach and feel limited to do it with a rollator walker? byACRE’s Carbon Overland is designed to concur all terrain, even sand.

Carbon Overland’s large, strong air filled tires and ultralight weight will handle the sand with ease, so the wheels don’t get stuck.

However, look out for where on the beach you’re walking – very loose sand could still be somewhat challenging.

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The woods

Walking in the woods can be a challenge with a traditional rollator, but byACRE’s outdoor rollator walkers can handle it without getting stuck in muddy and uneven terrain.

Of byACRE’s outdoor rollators, the Carbon Overland is ideal for these type of trips, thanks to its large and air filled tires, along with the light weight that makes it easy to push through without getting stuck.

But even the Carbon Ultralight and Nordic Pioneer are made for having outdoors and will handle a trips to the woods.

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Are you living somewhere in a cold climate where snow is recurring? We know that’s usually a hassle to get through, but our Carbon Overland is made for handling all the toughest terrain, even snow.

So you can stay active and go out for some a walk or, do errands in the city, even when it’s snow.

The Carbon Overland glides through the snow with ease and provides you with great stability, so you don’t have to struggle to get forwards, or experience any unintended falls. 

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Are you more of a city stroller and stumble across bumpy cobblestone and sidewalks?

byACRE’s Carbon Overland, Carbon Ultralight and Nordic Pioneer will handle those obstacles with ease.

All rollator walkers have a dynamic design and strong frame that provide you with maximum shock absorptance and stability to help you overcome the obstacles.

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Though most rollators can handle dirt paths and grass, the comfortability is often low due to low shock absorption.

However, byACRE’s outdoor rollators are designed with a high degree of shock absorption to make a trips in the park or a walk in your a lawn unproblematic.

Thanks to the soft, ergonomic handles of byACRE’s outdoor rollator walkers you wont get sore and tired and when going through different terrains.

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Thanks to the light weight of Carbon Overland, Carbon Ultralight and Nordic Pioneer you can manage hills and mountains like a champion.

Less strength will be needed to push upwards, and to walk downwards and handle the elevation difference with your rollator walker.

Take them on travels and trips and feel safe wherever you go.

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Gravel roads

When walking in nature both gravel roads and fields are common terrain.

A common rollator might be able to handle it but it will be an unpleasant, bumpy experience.

While with an byACRE outdoor rollator walker, you will walk smoothly and struggle free on bumpy gravel roads thanks to the high shock-absorbance, durable wheels and comfortable grip and walking position.

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Everyday walking is filled with both smaller and larger obstacles, such as curbs and other irregularities.

While the Carbon Overland is superior for uneven terrain, the Carbon Ultralight and Nordic Pioneer will handle the curbs with ease due to their great maneuverability and light weight.

The big pneumatic wheels will easily force small obstacles and curbs while the built-in curb lifter will handle larger curbs.

A safe walk

Whether you are keen on using a Carbon Ultralight,  Carbon Overland or a Nordic Pioneer, your trips will be safe and make you feel good. 

byACRE’s outdoor rollators are designed together with physiotherapists to support an ergonomic walking posture and ensure a great maneuverability. 

They handles on our outdoor rollators are, unlike traditional rollators, forward facing which gets you closer to the rollator and ensure a better posture. It also eases the walking, because you are using the palms of your hands – not your fingers. 

They are also designed to make you feel like you are holding someone else’s hand.

The byACRE rollator walkers have a dynamic, arrow-shaped design of the frame that diverts any shocks from the terrain as there isn’t a direct, vertical line from the ground to the handles.

A light weight assistant

By using lightweight materials for our byACRE outdoor rollator walkers, we guarantee that they are as light as possible, while still super stable and safe. Weighting only 4.8 kg, The Carbon Ultralight rollator is in fact the lightest in the world. And the Nordic Pioneer has a weight of only 5,5 kg and the Carbon Overland 6.7 kg. 

With frames made of carbon fiber that is five times stronger than steel – no grass, sand or snow will stand in the way of byACRE’s outdoor rollator walkers.

A light weight assistant A light weight assistant

A good look for a better quality of life

Mobility is one of the core values in modern life, but also a top challenge for seniors and adults with mobility disabilities impacting their lifestyle. 

A bigger part of the current market for assistive walking devices consists of outdated models with old-fashioned and impractical design choices, such as brake cables sticking out and getting in the way.

This gives an ageist message that denotes feelings of dependence and fragility – an inaccurate representation of today’s active people.

byACRE want to help everyone maintain an active lifestyle – and look great while doing it. Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand to form a mobility design that is motivating and stylish.

Our biggest influence to our rollators is the Scandinavian design, where sleek lines and a classic look is essential. We design and engineer all our products right here in the heart of Scandinavia: Denmark.

A part of the inspiration for our rollator walker comes from the organic shapes of fast moving animals, such as dolphins, sharks and falcons, together with the lightweight materials of sports cars and bicycle designs. 

Together, these two sources of inspiration form the dynamic shapes found throughout our outdoor rollators. From the frame to the forks holding the wheels, and the handles.

Find your personal style

Find your personal style Find your personal style

We at byACRE always strive for creating the most stylish and aesthetic rollator walkers for today’s thriving seniors. Everyone with should be able to feel confident and feel good with their rollator walker. 

The Carbon Ultralight has a smaller and sleeker design, and aims for a look that is simple yet stylish. Perfect for refreshing and inspiring strolls around in the town, or a walk in the park. 

The Carbon Overland sets its sight on more outdoor adventurers with its more durable wheels and stronger frame.

It has a tougher look, and is the ideal companion for all seniors going out for fishing, hiking or any outdoor activities. A rollator walker that conquer all terrain.

The design of the Nordic Pioneer is more unique – the frame is bump-proof and made of EPP material and recycled aluminum from old cars, airplanes, and plastic in the ocean.

The Nordic Pioneer also comes in 7 different colors – for you to find a rollator that fits you and your personal style.


Your favorite travel companion for all adventures

Your favorite travel companion for all adventures Your favorite travel companion for all adventures

All byACRE’s outdoor rollator walkers are perfect travel companions and designed to be able to follow you along wherever you’d like.

We want to enable all sorts of adventures for everyone – short strolls in town, hikes and forest adventures on uneven terrain, and longer trips around the world.

The lightweight materials and easy folding makes our outdoor rollators easily fit in any car, train, boat or airplane, making it not only ideal for short walks outside, but also for trips around the world.

For seniors and adults who are challenged on mobility disabilities, everyone has a different lifestyle and should have a mobility aid that fit them.  

Carbon Ultralight

Carbon Ultralight is our lightest rollator, and the lightest rollator in the world. The rollator has a weight of only 4.8 kg and is the perfect companion for indoor and outdoor use.

It is the perfect rollator for: 

  • Nice outside city strolls
  • Small adventures stumbling across terrain such as sidewalks, grass and pathways
  • Short and long travels
  • Trips with the car, boat or airplane
Carbon Ultralight Carbon Ultralight
Carbon Overland

Carbon Overland is our outdoor, all terrain rollator with a weight of only 6.7kg.

The Carbon Overland is the perfect rollator for: 

  • Adventurous trips when stumbling across uneven and different terrains
  • Travelling and exploring, since it withstands every terrain and weather
  • Outdoor activities in your neighborhood, in the forest or around the world 

The Carbon Overland handles terrain such as snow, grass, mud and hills.

Carbon Overland Carbon Overland
Nordic Pioneer

Nordic Pioneer is the world’s most tempting rollator, made from recyclable materials and has a durable bump proof frame. The rollator has a weight of only 5.5 kg.

The Nordic Pioneer is the perfect rollator for:

  • All everyday activities – even the messiest ones
  • Indoor use and outdoor adventures
  • When you need part time assistance – use it for all activities where you need extra support

The Nordic Pioneer run smoothly over most surfaces, and has an attentive design with many color options fit your style and personality.


Nordic Pioneer Nordic Pioneer