Nordic Pioneer



A rollator for a flexible lifestyle

Being the first recyclable rollator with a bump-proof frame that is ready for any encounter, a broad range of changeable colours*, and large wheels that run smoothly on most surfaces, its attentive design fits any lifestyle and personality.

With a Nordic Pioneer, you don’t have to stay tempted.
You can safely practice all everyday activities – even the messiest ones.

*The frame is not made to be changed on a day-to-day basis, but a colour change is possible by buying a spare frame in a different colour. 

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    The world’s most tempting rollator

    • A stunning rollator made from recycled materials
    • Super light at only 5,5 kg
    • Bump-proof EPP frame that is ready for any encounter
    • A playful and large color assortment to fit every personality 
    • Comes fully assembled, ready to use

    The first responsible rollator

    We wanted to pioneer and be the first to create a recyclable rollator walker that doesn’t compromise on any of the other unique benefits of a byACRE rollator.

    We have produced this rollator with aluminum recycled from old cars and airplanes and plastic recycled from ocean waste such as found fishing nets. Materials from objects that you might have thought were in your past, but will now once again be within your reach.

    Once a Nordic Pioneer has served its purpose, it can be recycled once more. The frame is made of EPP and aviation grade aluminum which both is 100% recyclable. In this way, the Nordic Pioneer frames the cycle of life.

    Recycled material is only responsible if produced locally. Therefore, the Nordic Pioneer is sustainably produced in Europe using a low energy consumption.

    The first responsible rollator The first responsible rollator

    What is EPP?

    (Expanded Polypropylene)

    EPP is an exceptionally versatile closed-cell bead foam.

    It has a wide range of unique properties, including excellent energy absorption, multiple impact resistance, thermal insulation, water and chemical resistance, particularly high strength-to-weight ratio and 100% recyclability.

    Large, soft PUR tires for a smooth ride on any surface


    The Nordic Pioneer rollator features large, soft PUR tires that ensure a comfortable ride on any surface, including bumpy cobblestone streets and uneven sidewalks.

    • Durable tires that offer long-lasting performance
    • Lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it ideal for everyday use
    • Provides excellent traction for a safe ride
    • Shock absorbing wheels for a comfortable experience

    Just like a pair of reading glasses

    We look at the Nordic Pioneer much like a pair of reading glasses: It is the first step towards needing support.
    You pick a pair of your liking and only use them on the occasions you need them.

    The Nordic Pioneer could act similarly, being your perfect companion on a tougher day,
    but waiting gorgeously folded when you don’t need it.
    The rollator for a flexible lifestyle.





    Just like a pair of reading glasses Just like a pair of reading glasses

    A playful and large selection of colors

    byACRE byACRE

    Shoot for the moon

    The Nordic Pioneer is named after the idea of pioneering: being the first to explore.

    We mean it in the most literal sense, both from the user’s perspective and from us designers.
    For many people, the step towards using a rollator is a big one, because they are the first in their crowd.
    Instead, we want them to see themselves as pioneers.

    When you use the Nordic Pioneer,
    you take the first step so that others can follow.

    byACRE byACRE
    Your personal wingman

    We all know those meet-cute scenes where two people bump into each other and fall in love at first sight. With a Nordic Pioneer, that vision can become true. And not only by its attractive colours, even though we think they are gorgeous.

    Innovating a new material for rollators allowed us to explore new possibilities and advantages. What we found was a bump-proof material that is even more proof of life. Bump into your car, furniture or your next soulmate – the frame won’t leave any clear scratches. The EPP frame will absorb the shock, leaving just a small bounce and preventing your body to experience a hard crash.

    This adds another element of a flexible everyday rollator, making it fit for life.

    Product specifications


    5,5 kg

    Handle height 

    835 – 1023 mm

    Grip to brake

    60 mm

    Seat height

    620 mm

    Seat width

    470 mm

    Max user weight

    130 kg

    Wheel diameter

    225 mm

    Width (folded)

    654 mm (261 mm)


    690 mm



    The Nordic Pioneer also has all the great features from a classic byACRE rollator:

    • It comes fully assembled and ready to use
    • Ergonomic handles and integrated brakes
    • The height can be adjusted using a push button
    • Easy to fold flat and transport
    • Has an built-in seat