MS Stories

Robert from Leeds, England

We have asked MS warriors to share their experience with MS and having a rollator. This is Robert’s story:

Robert is 48 and a father of three teenage girls.
He was diagnosed with MS in 2003 and his disease causes vertigo and balance problems for him. He therefore needs a boost for stability and to stand correctly – which his Carbon Overland all terrain rollator helps him with.

Robert has just only started using a rollator. He says that his own personality traits and stubbornness prevented him to come to terms with MS. But seeing the “slick design of Carbon Overland” and “so well designed pieces of kit” helped him massively.

In his daily life, Robert uses crutches and the rollator to move short distances and an electric scooter to go grocery shopping and spend time with his three girls. Talking about his three girls, he says that one should “prepare themselves for teenage girls”. He thinks they are always on their phones, which makes it harder to communicate. Yet, he says that they give him the reason to stay as well as possible!

“My three girls give me a reason to stay as well as possible”

– Robert on his role as a father of three teenagers

Robert’s best tips:
  • Ask for the blue parking badge! I’ve had mine for six years, but I wish I would have had it earlier – by the time I got diagnosed.


  • Embrace medical aids! I wish I would have done that earlier too.


  • Never lose hope.