Take a seat on a byACRE light and foldable rollator

Featherlight, easy foldable and comfortable seat

The current market for assistive walking devices fail to cater  to the needs of thriving seniors as it is dominated by outdated and impractical models.

However, byACRE is determined to make a difference.

We have created innovative rollator walkers that are ultra-lightweight, easy to fold, and equipped with a comfortable seat, enabeling an active and independent lifestyle. 

“I can lift the folded byACRE walker with one hand and without the need to bend down to lift it up. Since it’s mostly elderly people who are lifting their mobility walkers (or their friends mobility walkers) in and out of their car trunks, it is a great advantage to have a byACRE walker made with light weight carbon fiber.”

– Chris, Canada

Featherlight weight…

byACRE’s rollator walkers are made of light weight materials to ensure a smooth walk with effortless maneuverability. The light weight requires less body strength to maneuver the rollator and is therefore much nicer to your body.

You can easily lift the lightweight walker in your car, take it on the bus or carry it with you on the train when traveling. . 

The light weight also comes in handy when walking up stairs or climbing curbs and other obstacles when out exploring.


…effortless foldability


The rollator folds easily in just a few seconds, and can easy be lifted and transported.

Use only two fingers and a small lift upwards, and it will fold together.

When folding out, place a small push on the seat downwards.

Bring it with you wherever you like, and continue to explore and live an active life.

…and a comfortable built in seat

All our lightweight and foldable rollator walkers have a comfortable built-in seat, so you don’t have to compromise your adventures or active lifestyle because of your need to rest.

The built in seat comes in handy every time you need to sit down to relax, or perhaps sit down to enjoy the view. 

Take a cup of coffee with a friend, go fishing by the lake, or maybe go to the beach and watch the sunset.

A lightweight and foldable companion – perfect for all outdoor activities.


“Pearl my Carbon Ultralight made her debut at my elementary school Wednesday and was a big hit with students, staff and faculty – and most of all, me! I covered ground more quickly and safely than I have in a long time! Bonus: getting materials and myself to a classroom and teaching a lesson by simply applying the hand breaks and taking a seat!”

– Carla, USA

Lift, click and go!

byACRE’S sleek and lightweight rollators fold flat in just a click, and can easily be lifted in and out of your car trunk. Here Nora, one of our byACRE users, shows how to do it with her Carbon Ultralight.

Great for everyday activities, outdoor adventures and traveling.

The rollators have a width of only 25 cm when folded, making them fit in almost all car trunks.

(Out)standing when folded

Even though we like our rollators very much and believe they are very aesthetically pleasing, we understand that you might not want your rollator to be seen or used all the time.

The easy foldability and sleek design of our rollator walkers make them convenient and easy to store when not in need.

When folded, the rollator stands stable and steady on the floor by itself, so you won’t have to worry about it falling or having to put it down thus creating unwanted scratches on the frame.

The folded width is between  24 cm and 28 cm, making them fit in narrow hallways without taking up too much space.

Keep it in a storage room, the closet, or in the hallway, and it waits beautifully for you until you need it again.

A beautiful yet discrete companion

Our rollator walkers are made to travel with you everywhere. Thanks to the lightweight and slim design you can bring the rollator almost everywhere, and keep it beautifully and discreetly folded when not in need of it.

Column image

Bring the rollator with you on the bus or train with ease. Fold it, lift it and when seated – store it in the luggage space, above your seat or in the aisle if allowed. Then quickly unfold it again when getting off.

Column image

The rollators can be conveniently folded and discreetly stored, taking up minimal space, whether it be at a restaurant, a friend’s house, or in a theater lounge.

Here you can see the Carbon Ultralight stored in a boutique – taking up almost no space!

Column image

Unfortunately, cafes and restaurants usually don’t have a lot of extra space for mobility devices.

With a byACRE folding rollator walker, you can easily fold it together and roll it away for storage when seated, or it’s slim enough to keep next to you.

byACRE and light weight


For us at byACRE, it is important to help you maintain an active lifestyle, even though you are challenged on your mobility.

Your mobility aid should be there to make life easier and enable you to do all things you want to.

A key factor for that is weight, and just a few kilo’s can make the biggest difference.

Thanks to the light weight of the rollator walker, you’ll easily be able to maneuver it, transport it,

and lift it, without straining your body.


“I received my Carbon Ultralight (affectionately named Misha) yesterday morning and it has already made such a big difference in my daily routine. I’m 28, born with Cerebral Palsy, and a rollator user for a few years. It’s very impressive how easily it can fold and turn; I feel like it’s an extension of my arm!”

– Eleni, Greece

A proper seat

A proper seat A proper seat

Practical and stylish

When making the seat it was important for us at byACRE that it was both comfortable to rest on during all sorts of activities, while also being stylish and match the rest of the features on the rollator. 

We came up with a discrete but nice looking seat, that we can assure you some comfortable rest on when needed.

The seat is made of sturdy, long lasting material that resists water. Great for all outdoor adventures and when the weather might shift. 

Convenient for all activities

Whether you are out walking, running errands or traveling somewhere, those activities can be quite exhausting, especially if you are challenged on your mobility.  

Know that the built-in-seat is always there to assist you and assure you rest when you need it.

Go take a coffee with a friend, go fishing by the lake or go to the beach and watch the sunset.

P.S. – the handles work perfect as comfortable armrest when you are seated on the rollator walker.

Need some extra support for your back?

Need some extra support for your back? Need some extra support for your back?

We got you.

To ease the sitting position and support your lower back when sitting on your rollator, we have designed a backrest for Carbon Overland and Carbon Ultralight.

The backrest is easy to attach and detach, and it comes with different height options, making the height adjustable for a personal fit.

The shape of the backrest is designed to simulate the back of a chair, it is both comfortable and provides support to your lower back.

Click and twist to attach the backrest

Take it traveling

Whether you like taking smaller excursions or going for longer road trips and travels, the rollator is there for you.

Thanks to the slim and sleek design, together with the effortless foldability and light weight material – the rollator can easily be brought with you in the car, on the train, on the boat or on the plane.

The walker folds together easily with just a small push upwards.

byACRE’s rollator walkers

Carbon Ultralight

Carbon Ultralight is our lightest rollator walker and the lightest in the world. The carbon rollator weighs only 4,8 kg and is the perfect companion for indoor and outdoor use.

The rollator walker folds easily and quickly and has a width of only 25 cm when folded.

Carbon Ultralight has a convenient built-in seat, that you can rest comfortably on whenever you need.

Carbon Overland

Carbon Overland is our off-road all-terrain rollator walker, best suitable for an active outdoor lifestyle. It is extremely stable yet very light weighing only 6,7 kg.

The Carbon Overland is easily folded together quickly and effortlessly and is only 28 cm wide when folded.

The rollator comes with a built-in seat that you can rest comfortably on whenever you need to.

Nordic Pioneer

As with Carbon Ultralight and Carbon Overland, our newest addition Nordic Pioneer is super light yet very stable, designed for everyday life. The Nordic Pioneer is the perfect all-purpose rollator walker and has a weight of only 5,9 kg.

It is easily foldable to fit in your car trunk, the hallway, or next to you in crowded spaces.

The Nordic Pioneer has a built-in, convenient, and comfortable seat for you to rest on.

Scandinavian Butler

The Scandinavian Butler is our most special rollator walker, since it does not have all the features of our lightweight rollators.

In fact, the Scandinavian Butler is rather heavy, non-foldable indoor rollator and comes without a seat.

Why? Because here we have prioritized maximum stability and made a rollator that is only to use for indoors, where stability is key. The Scandinavian Butler is designed to be a stable, stylish and trusty companion in your home.

In your home you don’t have the same value of having a rollator that is lightweight and with a seat, since you won’t transport it and probably already have a comfortable seat at home.


How much strength is required to fold and unfold the rollators?

The rollator folds super easily by just a small pull upwards form the seat. It takes not much strength at all.

To fold it out again, a simple push downwards is required.

What are the measurements of the rollators when folded?

Both Carbon Overland and Carbon Ultralight have a width of  25 cm when folded.

Is the seat comfortable without the backrest?

Yes, we have designed the seat so it is comfortable to rest on as it is.

However, if you feel like you need extra support for your lower back, we have made a backrest that can be bought in addition to the rollator to ease your sitting position.

It is very easy to attach and detach, and comes with different height options for a personal fit and optimal support.

You can shop and read more about the backrest for Carbon Overland here, and Carbon Ultralight here.

Will I fall off the seat without a backrest?

No, the seat is made to be used on its on and is comfortable and stable, so you won’t fall.

However, if you feel like you need extra support for your lower back to ease your sitting position, we have made a backrest that can be bought in addition to rollator.

It is very easy to attach and detach, and comes with different height options for a personal fit and best support for your back.

You can shop and read more about the backrest here.

Are all byACRE rollators foldable?

The Carbon Ultralight, Carbon Overland and Nordic Pioneer are foldable, since they are made to be brought with you and use both indoors and outdoors.

The Scandinavian Butler, only made for indoor use, is not foldable. For the Scandinavian Butler, we have prioritized stability as the most important component. It is made to fit in your home and be a stylish addition to it, that you don’t want to hide away. Therefore, it is not foldable.

You can read more about the Scandinavian Butler here.

Do all byACRE rollators have a seat?

Carbon Ultralight, Carbon Overland and Nordic Pioneer have a comfortable and built in seat.

The Scandinavian Butler does not have a seat. Since it is made to be used indoors in your home only, where you often have comfortable seats already, it was not prioritized for the Scandinavian Butler.

You can read more about the Scandinavian Butler here.


Is the backrest included when buying a byACRE rollator?

No, the backrest can be bought in addition to the rollators.

You can read more about and buy the backrest for the Carbon Ultralight here, and for the Carbon Overland here.