The lightest rollator in the world

Key product features

  1. Only 4.8 kg
    Making it the World’s lightest outdoor rollator
  2. Carbon fibre frame
    a lightweight, strong, and shock-absorbing material for a rollator that is easy to transport and lift, and gives you stability and great support.
  3. Ergonomic, reversed handles
    to secure a good posture and stability.
  4. Easy height adjustment
    in 30mm increments by just a click on a botton.
  5. Comes fully assembled
    So you’re ready to use it right away

A companion for strolls, trips or travel

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live.”– Hans Christian Andersen (Danish Fairy Tale writer)

Mobility is obviously very near to our hearts at byACRE. It is at the core of modern life, and as such, a part of everyone’s life. But mobility is not just being able to move around in the neighbourhood anymore. We are travelling and exploring more than ever these days, and the mobility design of the future should therefore enable travelling even more.

With the Carbon Ultralight we wanted to make a mobility design that was meant for both the short strolls and the trips around the world. With the lightweight materials, easy folding, and sleek lines, it will easily fit in any car, train, boat or airplane, so you can keep discovering the world around you.

The Carbon Ultralight is a rollator designed for both the short stroll around the neighborhood and for trips around the world. The lightweight materials, sleek lines and the easy folding makes it suitable for transport in cars, trains, boat or airplanes. It is only 250mm wide when folded and will therefore suit even the smallest trunks.

It is inspired by the organic shapes of fast moving animals and the dynamic shapes and lightweight materials used in bicycle design, sportscars and airplanes. Together, these two sources of inspiration formed the dynamic shapes found throughout the Carbon Ultralight. From the frame to forks holding the wheels, and the brake handles. All for a look that is simple, sleek and stylish.