Slide Carbon Ultralight World's Lightest Rollator Carbon fiber frame, 5x stronger than steel
Featherweight at 10.6 lbs - every ounce counts
Folds flat, easy transport into the car, bus or plane
Ergonomic handles, integrated brakes
Push button height adjustment.
Comes fully assembled ready to use

$869 CAD

A companion for strolls, trips or travel

“What’s in a name?” wrote the famous author Shakespeare once. When it comes to our Carbon Ultralight the name says it all: A rollator made from carbon fibre that is truly ultra, ultra light. It is actually the lightest of its kind. With the phrase “like a true globetrotter, getting there is just as important as being there” we have designed the Carbon Ultralight to be the perfect companion for adventures around the world or just around the corner.


With the lightweight materials, easy folding, and sleek lines, it will easily fit in any car, train, boat or airplane, so you can keep discovering the world around you.

Strength and shock-absorbance

Each Carbon Ultralight frame has been carefully crafted by hand and based on our special recipe that gives the Carbon Ultralight its amazing and smooth walking experience.

On-the-go seating

Meeting a friend or colleague for a coffee? The built in seat enables you to use the rollator as a chair at any time you may need to sit down.

Soft, ergonomic handles

Handles are designed to help you walk upright and easily maneuver the rollator. With forward-pointing handles, you will be walking with a better posture and put less strain on your back and shoulder.

Buying a rollator online has never been easier. Unwrap, unfold, adjust height and start rolling…

What’s my size?


The Carbon Ultralight is available in three different size options, so you can find the one that suits you best. Compact Track has a lower seat, which is ideal if you are less than tall. Regular Track is our standard model which fits easily through standard 60cm doorways – and last but not least; our Wide Track which offers a wider seat for optimal seated comfort – especially getting down onto or up from the seat of the rollator.

Accessories are a rollator’s best friend

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Enjoy the ride!

We’re quite certain you’ll fall in love with it


Is the Carbon Ultralight Rollator really the lightest rollator in the world?

Yes, Carbon Ultralight is the world’s lightest rollator. With 10,6 lbs kg for the fully assembled rollator, this is the only rollator with 4-wheels made for adults (size Medium) that weighs this little. Lightweight exclusive materials such as carbon fiber frames and aluminum folding cross and handle bars allows the rollator to reach its position as the lightest available rollator in the category.

Why do the handles look different than traditional rollators?

The handles on the Carbon Ultralight Rollator are turned in the opposite direction as traditional rollators. This provides a better posture while walking as you can pull the rollator closer to your body and walk upright.

Fun fact: Our idea when designing the handles was that besides being ergonomic, they also had to make you feel good and safe. We therefore formed them in a way so it feels like you are holding someone else’s hand when grabbing on to them.

Can I adjust the handles to fit my height?

Yes, they can. We have replaced the traditional knob with a push button, so the handles can easily be adjusted with just a push of a button. The handles can be adjusted in 1.2″ increments from 31.1 to 35.8″.

Will the Carbon Ultralight Rollator fit in the trunk of my car?

The Carbon Ultralight Rollator folds flat and is only 9.8″ wide when folded. It can easily be lifted into the trunk of a car and we have yet to encounter a trunk that is has not fit into. The folded measures for the rollator is: 26.0 x 9.8 x 31.5″

Where are the brake cables?

The brakes cables are hidden inside the frame. It is one of the details we’re most proud of. And if you ask us, it is much more than a ‘little detail’ – it is at the core of the sleek design of the Carbon Ultralight. When the cables are hidden inside the frame the expression of the rollator instantly becomes more light and simple – and you avoid the cables getting caught on things.

What are the shipping costs?

For orders above 210 euro:
USA: Free
Canada: 35 euro
Hawaii & Alaska: 230 euro

For orders under 210 euro:
USA & Canada: 8.25 euro
Hawaii & Alaska: 230 euro

What is your return policy?

New, unused product can be returned within 30 days from invoice date with no restocking fee. The following terms and conditions apply:

  • The customer is in charge of shipping cost to return the product to our warehouse in the United States
  • Product should be in the condition it was received, unused, and in the original box and/or packaging. Please do not write anything on packages to be returned. Used items are not eligible for return and are covered under their respective warranties.
  • byACRE will refund the purchase price to the customer maximum 10 days after receiving the return
  • A 25% restocking fee may apply to returns between 31 and 60 days after invoice date, unauthorized returns, undeliverable addresses, and delivery refusals when the package is undamaged.

In order to expedite a return, please contact customer service at and provide the following information: purchase order, model, serial number, reason for return and a valid email address.

The return should be sent to the following address:

ALPI Logistics, Inc.
Att.: John Naughton
499 Commerce Drive
Burlington, NJ 08016
Ref: byACRE order# XXXX

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