Textile Basket & Tray


Textile meets wood. This set makes your Butler rollator even better in assisting you around the house.

Storage and transportation
of both heavy and light objects from A to B

Wood & soft fabric
the combination of clear coated wood and soft, wear resistant polyester gives you a natural, simple and raw feel that is also easy to clean and maintain

Multi-purpose usage
the tray and the basket can easily be detached and used around the house.


The wooden tray and textile basket for the Scandinavian Butler rollator help you carry your things from A to B around in your home. The textile basket is spacious and can be filled with everything from heavy books, to light knitting, blankets and more.

The tray can help you with your coffee or tea cups, jug and be a small table close to your chair.

Additionally, the basket and tray can easily be detached and used for other purposes around the house.

Additional information

Weight 0.70 kg
Dimensions 32.3 × 20.7 × 24.5 cm

Melange & Wood


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