Press release: Carbon Ultralight Rollator wins Red Dot Design Award

March 25, 2019 / Red Dot Design Award

The product no one wants is finally recognized as an object of style and design

Organically shaped carbon fiber and design references to cheetahs and other athletic animals are typically associated with high-involvement mobility products such as bikes and cars. The unique selling points typically featured for a rollator are very different, and include weight, ergonomics, brake function and more. Until now, design has never been a selling point in this product category, leaving people with an appreciation for aesthetics a choice between two evils when their mobility is challenged and mobility aids become a prerequisite to carry on an active and social life.

“When the doctor told my husband that he should use a rollator when walking for improved balance, he lost some of his spirit. He became introverted, stayed at home most of the time and I was starting to worry about him! A friend of ours suggested that he got one of the nice-looking rollators from byACRE, and finally he started to lighten up again”, says Elsebeth from Denmark.

byACRE is a Danish company with a mission to produce anti-stigmatizing mobility aids by combining functionality with aesthetics. Their Carbon Ultralight rollator has just received the honorable Red Dot Design Award thereby cementing that mobility aids are finally recognized as an object of style and design.

When people reach the point in life where it is time to accept that assistive aids are a necessary part of daily life their perception of themselves is challenged. “Mobility aids should match the user’s self-image. A lot of mobility aids express something clinical and institutional, which the users cannot recognize in themselves. This results in the users not wanting to use them”, as stated in the Danish OT magazine in March 2018. Many people take months and even years to accept this change and the consequences are less social and physical activity which can lead to loneliness and deteriorating health.

Winning this award is a big step in our mission to remove the stigma in using mobility aids. Our identity and wish to keep up an image doesn’t fade away when our mobility is challenged. We’ve experienced first hand how design can increase the quality of life of our users and that is truly rewarding in itself”, says CEO of byACRE, Anders Berggreen.

The rollator has been well-received by users worldwide who appreciate how the design of the Carbon Ultralight allows them their independence and active life back. The light weight of the rollator makes it ideal for both small and big adventures and the stylish appearance fits with their self-image.

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