Our Story

byACRE was founded in Copenhagen, Scandinavian’s design hub, with a mission to break down the stigma related to reduced mobility and to help those it serves maintain an active lifestyle without compromise. We design mobility aids for a person, not a patient.

Mobility is one of the core values in modern life. It’s also a top challenge facing older adults; and adults with disabilities that have impacted their mobility and lifestyle. The current market for assistive walking devices has failed to adequately support this community, with ageist messages and outdated models that denote feelings of dependence and fragility – an inaccurate representation of today’s thriving older adult community.

Since 2017, our mindful designs have won some of the world’s most prestigious awards in design and innovation, including the 2019 RedDot Design Award, the 2017 IF Design Award and the Danish Design Award.

“by ACRE” is our quality seal. It’s rooted in the words ‘Active’ and ‘Re-Habitare’ – the Latin word for Back to Life.


Red Dot Design Award 2019

In 2019 The Carbon Ultralight rollator won the Red Dot Design Award. The Red Dot Design Award is the world’s largest design competition. The prestigious award is a quality mark for good design and we are beyond proud to have received this award. The win was given based on the jury’s appreciation for the forward-thinking and innovative design: “With a streamlined shape that reflects forward thrust and vitality, the Carbon Ultralight reinterprets the design principles of a rollator.”

danish design award logo

Danish Design Award

The Scandinavian Home range was the winner of the Danish Design Award in the
Improved Welfare category. For many people, the use of a rollator is associated
with a loss of personal dignity and identity in addition to the impact on the intimate domestic sphere when welfare technology is installed in the home. Scandinavian Indoor range takes up this challenge with its functional design and harmonious expression, which puts the user center stage and blends seamlessly into the home without introducing an institutional feel.

IF Design Award 2017 logo

IF Design Award 2017

The Scandinavian Home range was the winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017.
This is among the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world dating back to 1953. An iF DESIGN AWARD is a seal of excellence, a testimony of quality, and a challenge to the competition. For users, it is a symbol of trust.

expolife international logo

Expolife International

The Carbon Ultralight came in second in the Expolife International’s product innovation of the year 2017 competition. A modern and extraordinary design, fresh colors and the low weight yet stable carbon frame were highlighted as key features of the rollator.
The judges also appreciate the large shockabsorbing wheels and handles that offer
good driving behavior, also on uneven ground.
Conclusion: Easy to fold, easy to load.

We believe in independent and unbiased product reviews.

We aim to produce mobility products that make a significant difference to the end user. We emphasize aesthetic design and superior function in our product development, and feedback from our customers continuously confirm that we have got it right.

Our colleague Ulla, in charge of customer service, is thrilled to receive frequent messages from customers, who tell her about their experiences with their new Carbon Ultralight or Scandinavian Butler. Often, we are fortunate to be allowed to use these comments on our website and social media. In order to remain true to our customers, it is crucial that these comments are unbiased and are not the result of sponsored activities.

As a result, it is our principle not to sponsor reviews. Our sponsored activities are limited to making products available for testing and receiving feedback by focus groups, and covering costs for potential events with byACRE ambassadors and focus group members.