Scandinavian Mist

Stability in misty and wet environments


Easy-breezy like a morning mist, the Scandinavian Mist is a perfect companion in the bathroom and other wet environments where extra stability is needed. Instead of fixed and clumsy installations in the bathroom we wanted to design an indoor rollator that would easily be turned into a shower seat and which would tolerate the wet and misty climate.

A stable companion in the bathroom

Whether you are an early riser or you enjoy sleeping in, the Mist will provide you with the stability you need for your daily morning routine. With the stainless steel frame it is perfect for wet environments. With the shower seat on and the parking function activated, it quickly transforms into a bath chair, where the handle functions as a comfortable backrest.

Shaped to provide stability for every activity

Like the rest of the rollators in the Scandinavian Home Range, the Mist has a functional shape that allows the user to get close to tables, appliances and other objects. The rounded shape allows you to stand inside the rollator instead of having the rollator in front of you. That way we have tried to minimse the space between the rollator and the objects around the home. As such, it is easy to do the daily morning routine as usual. The Mist also works as a handle when lifting yourself up from the toilet seat and helps you keep the balance when walking to the sink or the mirror.