Scandinavian Gardener

Stability and assistance while gardening


While still maintaining the inspiration from Scandinavian furniture design the Gardener is primarily meant for outdoor use in the garden. Though the name could indicate it, the Gardener will not do the gardening for you. We have designed it to be an assisting companion for gardening activities, where extra stability and an extra set of ‘hands’ are necessary.

A companion in your garden

Who doesn’t like blossoming flowers and trees? All of us at byACRE sure do. We believe that the ability to enjoy a blossoming garden and plant new seeds should never be limited by reduced mobility. With the Gardener we wanted to create a companion for the garden that provides great stability and different solutions for the storage of gardening tools, seeds, etc. The robust and stable frame is a great match for the soft and uneven ground in gardens.

Shaped for enhanced functionality

The Gardener is built on the exact same base as the indoor Scandinavian Butler. The shape allows great stability, because it is shaped in a way that allows you to stand ‘inside’ rather than ‘outside’ the rollators frame. It provides easier access to objects, tables, etc., as you are instantly closer to the things around you. But what makes the Gardener ideal for garden activities is the range of accessories we have developed to support you while trimming, sowing and planting.

Accessories for gardening activities

Besides providing stability in the garden, the Gardener also comes with a range of accessories that help with different gardening activities. From weeding the garden to planting seeds the accessories keeps all the gardening tools close by. The high tray is especially great for all the small tools, while the basket can carry everything from sprouts to seeds and soil.

Wicker Basket

When strolling the garden this wicker basket can carry plants, garden tools and other items needed for garden activities, while your hands are safely placed on the handle.

High Tray

The Gardener Tray is flat and attached high up on the rollator to allow easy access to garden gloves and tools needed for trimming plants and other activities. The high tray is particularly useful for garden work when you are in a standing or sitting position.