Carbon Overland

A tribute to freedom, curiosity and exploring

The Carbon Overland off-road rollator is a brand new edition to our family of carbon fiber rollators. It is light weight and offers superb driving capabilities on all terrains.

Our design ambition for the Carbon Overland rollator has been to give people freedom to go wherever they want. In the process, we realized that we were aspiring to the same features as the iconic Land Rover Defender, which has been around for the last 70 years. In admiration of this iconic vehicle, we have created a special limited edition – the Carbon Overland Defender – which is a tribute to the original Land Rover Defender.

Ships from August 2021
Prices from €649


Rumor has it that 3 out of 4 of the first batch of Land Rover Defenders are still roaming the streets today.

Our goal is to beat that achievement. The Carbon Overland for all terrain is built to last with frames made from carbon fiber 5 x stronger than steel – to prove it, we provide lifetime warranty on the frame.


Despite its strong capabilities the Carbon Overland remains a lightweight rollator among all-terrain rollators at only 6.7 kg, thanks to the carbon fiber frame and durable yet lightweight aluminum materials.

This keeps the outdoor rollator agile and able to cover long distances easily. At the same time, it folds flat from a single movement and can easily be lifted into the car or the airplane.


With ultradurable inflatable rubber tires and rigid front forks with sealed bearings the Carbon Overland can take on even the toughest terrains. Combined with the shock-absorbing properties in the carbon fiber frame you have the highest level of driving comfort – regardless of terrain. In other words: You will have the freedom to go anywhere.

A companion for outdoor experiences

Going fishing? No problem if you bring a Carbon Overland. You can rely on this all terrain rollator for support and stability when walking the in woods and the seat provides a comfortable place to rest when needed.

Product features and specifications

  • Extremely stable carbon fiber frame – 5 x stronger than steel
  • Ultra durable pneumatic rubber tires for better suspension and freedom to go anywhere, in any terrain
  • Rigid front forks with sealed bearings so you can take it in the beach and in the water
  • Lightest off-road rollator at 14.8 lbs for easy lifting in your vehicle
  • Gunmetal aircraft grade aluminum for strength and lightness
  • Fully assembled, folds easily to make it hassle free to start exploring

A rollator tribute to the Land Rover Defender

Partnership with Land Rover

As a tribute to the Land Rover Defender, we have designed a limited edition of the Carbon Overland with the unique Defender rims and attachable Defender logo sticker.

This edition is limited and only available to the super early birds.