Scandinavian Butler

Designed to assist you like a true butler

We like to name our designs by their key features, and the Scandinavian Butler is no exception. Butler because it is meant to assist. Scandinavian because it is inspired by Scandinavian furniture design.

 A companion throughout your home

We believe mobility is at the core of modern life. And we therefore also believe that mobility design should reflect the modern life we live today. With the Scandinavian Butler we wanted to create an indoor mobility design that reflected a modern home. We focused on designing something that would compliment the furniture we surround ourselves with and give a homey feel to the homey surroundings. With the robust frame, smooth lines, matte colours and functional shape it blend seamlessly into the home and assist in the daily activities.

Functional and aesthetic shape

When designing the Scandinavian Butler we were very focused on ensuring that the shape would allow you to get as close as possible to table tops and appliances such as the coffee machine or the washing machine. Basically every type of furniture or object where you would need the extra stability offered by the Butler. At the same time it was important to have the basic functionalities like the wheels and the brake system be an integrated part of the shape, while ensuring a smooth ride and braking and parking with just one hand – so the other hand was free to do other things around the home. Both the shape and the materials used – like the faux leather handle – was greatly inspired by Scandinavian furniture design, where sleek lines, craftsmanship and a classic look is essential.

A modern, classic and homey feel combined with functionality

When designing a mobility product that has to feel and look like an integrated part of the home, even the smallest details can make the difference. On the Butler it has been especially important that the design and the functionalities work together and compliment each other.

The handle is one of the details that we have worked the most on. Besides guaranteeing a good posture and a soft, comfortable grip it also had to follow the shape of the frame and compliment the frame colours and the home in a subtle and natural way. The choice of material quickly fell on textile leather, because it is found in many homes and have a natural, yet raw look, while being extremely nice to touch. The handle is shaped on one, fluent piece, that follows the lines from the rollator frame, and makes it easy for the user to enjoy the support from the rollator while only having one hand on the handle. That way the other hand is free to assist in the daily activities.

The soft, independently turning wheels are yet another one of those small details that makes a difference. The wheels on the Butler are examples of where the Scandinavian furniture design inspiration really comes through. They are inspired by a Danish designer, who has invented the wheels found on office chairs. Besides being coated with soft polymer and securing a smooth manoeuvring, the wheels also underline the soft, curvy lines of the Butler.

Materials, textures and colours have been key in making the Butler fit seamlessly into the homey environments at home. The frame colours each have their own tone and style but are kept in a matte finish so they are toned down just a bit. The matte frames are complimented by the steel handlebars, the raw textile leather handle and the matte texture on the aluminium brake handle.

Key product features:

  • Soft handle covered with faux leather
  • Matte colours & surfaces
  • Easy cleaning
  • Minimum space in front of the user, so you can get even closer to your furniture and appliances
  • Wheels have integrated edge guard functionality and function as a soft bumper
  • Independently turning wheels for smooth movement
  • Easy height adjustment in 28 mm increments without any tools
  • Height: min. 850 mm, max. 990 mm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg

Accessories are a rollator’s best friend

Functionality is key when it comes to mobility design. For the Butler to be the best assistant it can possible be, we have designed a range of functional accessories that makes the daily activities easier.

Focus on simplicity and elegance

As the Butler has an elegant and simple design, the accessories have been designed to match this design language. The organic curves from the Butler are reflected in the basket and the tray, where the oval shapes are made to fit perfectly onto the Butler.


The basket and tray offer great assistance while attached to the Butler. But for our designer it was important to make sure, that they could also be used when they are not attached to the Butler. Being indoor accessories she therefore thought about ways to make them useful for storage and decoration around the house. The tray is rimmed with a small edge so things do not fall off. It is therefore perfect for serving or as a tray for spices, oils, etc. in the kitchen. The basket can easily be used to store items like books and blankets.

Material choices

We have chosen materials that have warmth to them and that are able to emit the feeling of home. Wood was chosen for the tray because it is both raw and warm. To make it more practical for use with food and drinks, it is coated with clear lacquer. The textile used for the basket is a strong material that is soft and nice to touch.


Helping the Butler to assist you. The basket is designed to add more functionality to your indoor Butler rollator. It is made of 6 mm thick polyester that has both the look and the feel of wool – but is easier to clean. It is spacious and can carry everything from heavy books to knitting, plaids and more.

Wooden Tray

The tray for the Butler is designed to add additional functionality to the Butler and help you transport your necessities around the house. It can only be used on the Butler when paired with the basket, as the tray is designed to fit directly to the basket as a lid – that way it also functions as a regular tray when not attached to the Butler. It is made of clear coated wood, so it is both nice to look at, and easy to clean.