Meet Uli from Germany

Wir haben eine Carbon Ultralight-Besitzerin gebeten, uns von ihrem Leben mit einem Rollator zu berichten und wie sie mit den Herausforderungen der Mobilität in ihrem täglichen Leben umgeht.

“Es musste genau dieser Rollator sein oder überhaupt kein Rollator!”

– Uli, when she saw the Carbon Ultralight Rollator for the first time

Style matters

“When I walk with Bertha I often get addressed because of how wonderful she looks.”

Independence and freedom

“I am in a good mood when I walk with Bertha. She just “runs” in front of me and when I want to sit down I sit down. I no longer have to look for the next seating option when I am out walking. I have a lot of freedom and independence.”

Staying active

“We have had Bertha with us to Zurich, Los Angeles and a lot of other places. At first we were worries about how she would handle the flight, but we had no reason to worry. She did not even arrive as “bulky luggage” but along with the normal luggage.”

Why Bertha?

“Why did I decide to name her Bertha and why do I call it “her”? Well, when I saw her it was clear that she is a woman. She’s pink! And I am also a woman. Why should I walk around with an ‘objective creature’? I had to make it my own and make it personal.”

Travelling with Bertha