The wheels on my byACRE carbon rollator are not turning properly


Before you begin…


Start by checking how tight the wheel fork is screwed on to the frame. If it is too tight, then it can prevent the fork and wheel from turning smoothly. Loosening the bolt that fastens the fork to the frame should allow it to turn properly.

Loosening the bolt too much can cause the wheel to rattle a bit when the rollator is being used. This does not damage the rollator or reduce its function, but it can be distracting to some people. If it happens to you, simply tighten the bolt a bit and look for the sweet spot where it functions properly and does not rattle.

Is your problem still not resolved?


If you have gone through the steps above and your problem persists, then you should contact us at so we can work out a solution.

Please include your order number, and when and where you bought the rollator. Make sure you also attach pictures or video of the defect and describe it as much as you can.

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