The seat on my byACRE carbon rollator does not lock in when unfolded


Before you begin…


The cross lock is the small metal part near the left underside of the seat. It has a small “hook” potrusion which reaches under the larger plastic part when the rollator is unfolded, and locks it into place. If this part is bent or worn, then it may not lock properly into place when unfolded. Similarly, if the plastic part it hooks onto is worn, it may not grip and lock properly.

Note that it doesn’t always need to make a clicking sound when it locks, and even if it doesn’t “click” it may still work. When unfolded, hook your finger into the hole in the seat, and pull up on the front side of the seat. If it folds, then the metal cross lock part likely needs to be replaced.

Video guide


How to replace the cross lock – Ultralight and Overland

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If you have gone through the steps above and your problem persists, then you should contact us at so we can work out a solution.

Please include your order number, and when and where you bought the rollator. Make sure you also attach pictures or video of the defect and describe it as much as you can.

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