How to reduce the noise from your byACRE carbon rollator


Before you begin…


If you experience a rattling noise from your rollator, there may be different sources for this. Please see the three tips below before jumping into the video guides.

  • Inspect the screws which fasten the cross part to the rollator frame. They must be tight, but not so much it starts to creak. Lubricating them can reduce some of the noise if they do creak.
  • Unfold your rollator and inspect the seat side bars and the cross-link plastic pieces below. On well-used rollators these may be in contact, which can cause noise as they clack against each other during use. A small adhesive pad will do the trick.
  • Inspect the front wheel forks, and check where they connect to the frame. It is acceptable for the connection to be loose, as it doesn’t affect the rollator’s proper function. However, if it is too loose then the fork part can clack against the frame and cause some noise. The simplest way to reduce the noise is to replace the fork module.

It can be difficult to identify the source of the noise because it can get amplified through the carbon construction, which spreads the noise out. Therefore, it is important to check all the possible causes listed above.

Video guide

Changing the fork module – Ultralight

Changing the fork module – Overland

Reducing seat noise

Lubricating cross screws

Is your problem still not resolved?


If you have gone through the steps above and your problem persists, then you should contact us at so we can work out a solution.

Please include your order number, and when and where you bought the rollator. Make sure you also attach pictures or video of the defect and describe it as much as you can.

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