My byACRE carbon rollator is missing some screws


What to do…


Which screw is missing? Take a photo of the empty screw socket and email this to us together with a short description of how the screw was lost. Send your message to and our team will assist you.

Be aware

If your rollator arrived with screws or parts already missing, then you need to follow a different procedue:

  • If you bought the item at byACRE’s shop, please send an email with the following information and documentation to
    • Include information about your order number and when you bought the rollator. Make sure to attach pictures or video of the defect and the box your items arrived in, and describe the problem as well as you can.
  • If you bought the item at a different shop, then you need to contact your dealer directly to find a solution

Need spare parts?

`Do you need spare parts for your rollator?

Whether something is broken or worn, we have the spare part you need