The brake on my byACRE carbon rollator doesn’t work

The brake on my byACRE carbon rollator doesn't work The brake on my byACRE carbon rollator doesn't work

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If the brake lever is loose and unable to engage the brake, it means the brake cable is most likely broken.

Pull on the brake lever on the handle and observe the brake arm at the wheel. If the brake arm does not move, it means the cable is broken and needs to be replaced.

The inside of the carbon fiber frame can have surprisingly sharp edges, so be careful when guiding the new cable through it. When you need to pull on the cable in the rear end to get the end of it out of the frame and into the brake assembly, remember to be gentle with it as the cable can snap if you apply too much force.

Video guide


How to replace the brake cable – Ultralight and Overland

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If you have gone through the steps above and your problem persists, then you should contact us at so we can work out a solution.

Please include your order number, and when and where you bought the rollator. Make sure you also attach pictures or video of the defect and describe it as much as you can.

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