How to maintain your byACRE carbon rollator


Maintaining your rollator


Carbon Ultralight and Carbon Overland should be regularly maintained by removing dust and dirt. Pay special attention to keeping the brakes and wheel hub clean.

All surfaces can be cleaned with a textile cloth and clean water, and if necessary with a little non-abrasive detergent. Wipe with a dry cloth afterwards, but do not use paper towels as these can scratch the surfaces.

We recommend that the seat is regularly impregnated to prevent stains. It may also be necessary to occasionally tighten one or more screws with a T25 or a H3 key.


Five-step checklist to maintaining your rollator

  • Tighten screws and brake if needed – Use a T25 or H3 tool
  • Clean wheel hubs and brakes for dirt and hair
  • Treat the seat to help it resist stains
  • Wipe surface with a wet textile cloth, and use a non-abrasive detergent if needed
  • For the Carbon Overland rollators: check the pressure of the tires (1.5 – 1.8 BAR / 21 – 26 PSI)

For your safety


Never use the rollator if it is in any way defective, and instead contact your dealer for servicing. If the rollator is damaged or defective, then it may not be safe to use, and it may be further damaged from continued use.

Do not use the seat to transport heavy loads, and do not sit on the rollator during use. Doing so will place unintended strain on the cross and can damage it. Before using the seat, always engage the parking brake first.

Do not modify the rollator or use non-original accessories or attachments with it. Doing so will expire the manufacturers liability, and could create potential safety risks.

Need spare parts?

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