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Slide Woman sitting on Carbon Ultralight at Nyhavn in Copenhagen with her granddaughter

Slide "I am at the point where the concept of a walker is a stark reality. All walkers I have looked at in the US look flimsy, medical, screaming that I am becoming more disabled, and make me feel even more self conscious and lower my self-esteem even more. Your products set the standard. Now I feel I can get out and start moving again with confidence, pride, joy, not shame, feeling less than adequate, and embarrassed. This is HUGE for me." “After I’ve discovered your elegant, modern Carbon Ultralight walker, I feel like I can look normal and attractive again.”

“I have walked 6000 steps with my Rolls Royce. I haven’t been able to do that in several years. I am very happy with the rollator and have now used it multiple times where I have walked pretty far. It is easy to fold and doesn’t weigh more than I can lift it in and out of the trunk myself”. “My new beautiful rollator arrived yesterday! It is going to be “life-changing!” It is so lightweight, sturdy, & really handsome that I can go out by myself to shop, library & most important go to the barn to ride my horse, Patty.”

“My strawberry red rollator has arrived and I am totally thrilled! My husband says it makes me look 10 years younger. We went straight to the beach for a test drive.” “I love my Carbon Ultralight. It’s really awesome. I’ve also had some designer friends comment on how slick the design is. If you have to use a rollator, it doesn’t hurt for it to look cool, right?” “Thank you, thank you, thank you for making mobility so much easier both on a practical level and on a phsychological level. I have been a little nervous (pride) about giving in and using a rollator but am missing my independence enough to admit I need one. Yours is the first one I not only like, but love. Thank you for designing a tool that is not only useful, easy to handle but also quite cool and trendy”. “I’ve recently bought a lightweight rollator from you and I am very pleased with it. But you might have to tell your customers that they need to leave the house a bit earlier than planned. A lot of time is spent on “chatting” with acquaintances and other people who want to admire the vehicle” “Bought the Carbon Ultralight rollator not really expecting that something so light would be strong enough to walk on the street – it is! I can get on the underground so my independence is boosted. London is mine again! Looks really good too, great red colour, about time designers took notice of this, we shouldn’t have to out up with heavy poor design, someone is listening!” “Yesterday I went shopping with my 89 year old mom. We went to a medical supply store and after 5 minutes she had fallen in love … in the Carbon Ultralight from byACRE. With this rollator you make a lot of people happy because it is a very successful design object. Outstanding look – sleek and sporty – elegant – feather light – super functional.” "I walked to the grocery store up the street twice to get a few things, and I have gone on two walks with my 15 year old son. He is happy that I am out and walking and essentially exercising now. My family loves this rollator too. This is only the third day I have had it, and without exaggeration, it has lifted my spirits and my mental health! My son and I will be going out on another walk this afternoon. My other heavy, clunky and ugly rollator has been put in the basement haha!” “Bought a Carbon Ultralight for my mom. After 20 years of using the heavy, clumpsy one from the municipality she feels such a big difference. She doesn’t have to push the rollator in front of her because it is so light, and she does not look like everybody else when walking around. And it is so much easier for me when I have to lift it into the car.”
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Slide Mobility is one of the core values in modern life. It’s also a top challenge facing older adults; and adults with disabilities that have impacted their mobility and lifestyle. The current market for assistive walking devices has failed to adequately support this community, with ageist messages and outdated models that denote feelings of dependence and fragility – an inaccurate representation of today’s thriving older adult community. OUR MISSION

Slide WORLD'S LIGHTEST ROLLATOR We claim that the Carbon Ultralight is the World’s lightest rollator. With 4,8 kg for the fully assembled rollator, this is the only rollator with 4-wheels made for adults (size Medium) that weighs this little. Lightweight exclusive materials such as carbon fiber frames and aluminum folding cross and handle bars allows the rollator to reach its position as lightest available rollator in the category.